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Diddily Dee Dot's Dreamland for Children Everywhere
Dino's Burger.

Dino invites
you to sing along with him and all your friends in the Burger Bar


What Were Dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs....first appeared on the Earth around 230 million years ago and they disappeared mysteriously about 65 million years ago. But for nearly 100 million years, various species of dinosaurs ruled over our planet.

     Dinosaurs were lizards. Some were huge, the biggest creatures ever to exist. The Diplodocus was 26 metres long, including a 15 metre tail. Another, the Brachiosaurus was the heaviest creature to walk the Earth. It weighed around 50 tonnes.

     The largest meat-eating animal ever to live on Earth was the Tyrannnosaurus, a name which means which means "Tyrant Lizard". It was 14 Metres long and weighed 7 tonnes. Pterosaur were the winged reptiles amongst many other different species.



  Changes in the Earth's climate  and the consequent change in the vegetation may, just may have been the reason why the dinosaurs started to disappear. But the facts remain that although they have almost all departed this planet, they reigned on Earth for far longer than human beings have yet existed.

10 Tips for Successful Baking with Children

Whether you are painting cookies or decorating a birthday cake, you'll teach your child valuable skills in the kitchen. Most importantly, you'll build relationships and teach life lessons that will last forever. Here are some tips to make the experience with your child a success.

1. Keep it safe.      Teach your kids safety. Keep younger children away from a hot stove and sharp knives. Even very young children will want to put the flour in the mixing bowl or break an egg. Turn the mixer off and let them do it.

2. Keep it simple.      Choose simpler recipes and quicker recipes for young kids. Kids love to get their hands in the dough. Consider a cookie recipe, like snickerdoodles, where the cookies are hand-formed.

3. Make it feel good.   Overlook boo-boo's like egg shells in the dough. Praise often even if the product isn't perfect. When a mess happens, take it in stride and don't voice blame.

4. Build kids not cookies.     The kitchen makes an excellent classroom. Help the child read and interpret the directions--learning to follow written instructions is an important life skill.      Help the child understand the fractions found in most recipes. With older kids, use the opportunity to pass a little wisdom along—even if it slows down the project.

5. Take your time.Neither you nor your kids will enjoy the experience if you're fighting the clock. It takes twice as long to bake with kids--it's just worth it.

6. Keep it clean.     Teach good hygiene habits.      Teach kids to wash their hands often and to clean and disinfect the counters.      Help them use clean dish cloths and dish towels.

7. Teach ingredients.     Teach them the basics of ingredients. Explain how yeast works or baking soda. Show them the difference between granulated sugar, brown sugar, and confectioners' sugar.

8. Keep that food safe.     Teach them food safety principles. Make them aware of dangerous bacteria and how they thrive.      Teach them to keep hot foods hot (over 140 degrees) and cold foods cold (under 40 degrees).

Little Foot9. Consider mixes.         Have a few mixes on hand for cooking with kids. With a mix, there is less that can go wrong. Since it takes less time to bake, a mix may be more suitable for a child's attention span or may better fit an available block of time.

10. Clean it up.       Teach them to clean up as they go and afterwards. Let them know that the job is not done until the kitchen is clean.

SmileHE WinkHE LaughingHELittle Foot


PterodactylTell me who has got the original "Land Before Time" ?
I have and I will always have it.
Only the first one had the beauty, the pain, the love and sadness in it, that has been destroyed in the later films and TV Series.

The first film was the story of five young and very different Dinosaurs, who had to work together, no matter what their colour or tribe, in order to reach the Great Rift Valley where their families went for safety. Along the way they met many bad and terrifying obstacles but together they manage to get to their destination.
By taking away all of the horrible things in life, a child or baby dinosaur, we lead them into thinking the world we live in is all sweetness and light. It isn't, they will all have to meet the darkness in life as they grow Triceratopsinto adulthood. We can protect them, yes, but do not wrap them in so much cotton wool that they won't find the strength to deal with all the paths they have to tread.
 Love Diddily Dee Dot. x
It is now 2000 + and |I have at last got a copy of the very first Land Before Time with Little Foot, Ducky, etc. Brilliant.




A balloon bouquet of smiling dinosaur faces tied to a mailbox, fence post or any other stationary object that's heavy enough to keep it from flying away makes a fun greeting for kids arriving at this party. Later, you can let each guest take one home. Inflate a bunch of quality large round latex balloons or, even better, purchase helium-filled balloons at a party store . Turn each balloon knotted- side up, then pull the string down along the back and tape it to the bottom of the inverted balloon. With acrylic paint, decorate the front of each balloon with two large eyes, circular nostrils and a U-shaped row of zigzag teeth.

And a little break for a few songs with Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. Enjoy

.Digging up fossils for this party  is a cinch. Just pick up a pack of toy dinosaurs and bury them in a giant bucket of sand. Before they go home, the kids can take turns using a plastic beach trowel or fork to see what creatures they unearth--Tyrannosaurus rex, Allosaurus or Diplodocus, perhaps? Have a dinosaur book on hand, too, so you can help the kids identify their finds.


Dinosaur Cupcakes


These easy-to-make cupcakes, decorated with plastic dinosaurs, work well for a prehistoric-themed

Welcome to the Dinosaur Park

Dinosaur Party


    • White icing
    • Zip-top plastic bag
    • Shredded coconut
    • Green food coloring
    • Small plastic dinosaur (washed)
    Baked cupcakes
    1. Frost the cupcake. To make the "grass," place a handful of shredded coconut in the zip-top bag, add a few drops of food coloring, seal the bag and shake it. Cover the frosting with grass and top with a dinosaur.

    For a sandy look, use crushed graham crackers or molasses cookies instead of tinted coconut. Small rocks can be made out of chopped nuts.


    These are the Cacao Pods
    The same goes for the chocolate that people buy to deocorate cakes, that is just chocolate coloured candy and nothing else, hehe., These on your right are the Cacao Pods, while these on the left are the actual cacao beans, but they take a long, long time to grow first on the tree, then as flowers, then as bean pods and now as the actual beans. You and I can't be Cacao Beansbothered with all them things. I'll let you go to "Wiki" to read about them, and we'll just go straight to the chocolate.
    As we all know, by the way we are told if we eat to much chocolate we shall change into horrible little, or big goblins and this isn't just a special thing for children. My husband becomes very active and always ends up taking the dogs for a long walk. Hm m m, strange creatures men. 
    Here is a very strange recipe for you, you can use, rice krispies, corn flakes,
    and even spaghetti, but this has to be cooked first. eat them as a cake or eat them in small cake cases, but the spaghetti is better in a bowl

    You need 12oz margarine. 2 tblsp of Castor Sugar. 2tblsp of cocoa. 2 drops of vanilla essence and 100 grams spaghetti, broken into pieces about six cm. long, "about mouth size."

    chocolate pasta LinguineGet mum or dad to help you with cooking the spaghetti.
    Pour a litre water into a large saucepan, when boiling pour in the strands of spaghetti, add a pinch of salt but it's not necessary.
    Boil until it is just cooked, no more or it will go all gooey and stick together, and we don't want that.
    Put in strainer and hold under the hot tap till the pieces separate.
    Mix all the other ingredients together in the empty pan and mix well, then pour in the strained spaghetti and stir until it is coated in the sticky chocolate spread.
    Allow to cool, then eat till you puke, lol.

    When the Aztec had all the cacoa, they used it as we do money today.

    My Uncle George was a foreman at one of the big Cadbury's Chocolate Factories, here in Wales in Bangor-isy-Coed, I remember as a little one having loads of it for Chrisrmas and Easter. Huge slaps, with a flag in the middle, and he used to bring us "Edinburgh Rock" all different colours and a bit like chalk only more tasty. You can still buy it, but it is nothing like the one we had in the fifties, real scrummie. ( I think Diddily is very old, oh dear.)
    One of the thing's I used to love doing was making a very strange mixture. My three boys used to love them.
    A collection of different coated apples..Ingredients
    Take one green eating apple, (cos they are the hardest) for each person.
    A large pkt. of plain crisps, (two of my lads used to have cheese and onion,  A medium size bar of dark or milk chocolate.
    To Make
    Very carefully core the apple with corer and cut the apples in half, then with a teaspoon remove the flesh of the apple. DON'T BREAK THROUGH THE SKIN, you are using this for filling each half after, do the same to other half of the apple.
    Now for the fun bit.
    Chop the apple into a dish, crush the crisps in the packet till tiny bits. and then grate the chocolate bar into same bowl. Mix the three together, when fully mixed, put the mix back into the apple skin half, put on a tray and put in the fridge till nice and cold. And all
    you have left to do is eat it like you would an ordinary apple. Excellent and your getting heat from the chocolate; vitimin C from the apple and carbs from the crisps. Three of your five a day in one go.
    Right that's enough about chocolate. I shall look for more recipes. xxx
    Diddily dee dot, xxx

    Why not treat Mummy to a special breakfast !

     4oz butter

      4 oz sugar (granulated)
      2 eggs
      1/4 pint milk
      14 strawberries, fresh if possible
      6oz self raising flour
      1 teasp baking powder
    A teasp of good strawberry jam, per muffin


    • Pre heat oven to 350F, 180C, Gas Mark 4
    • Grease a muffin tin or fill with paper liners.
    • Cream the butter and sugar together in a large bowl.
    • Beat in the eggs, one at a time, and then add the milk.
    • Chop the strawberries up into small chunks,
    • then stir them carefully into the cake mix, try not to break or mush fruit.
    • Sift the flour and baking powder into the bowl, then fold in.
    • Be careful not to mix to much.

    Now this is the secret bit. Fill your muffin cases only half full,then add the teaspoon of good strawberry jam, then add some more of the muffin mix till 2/3 full.

    Remember to leave room for the muffins to rise.

    • Bake until the muffins begin to turn brown, usually 25 - 30 mins.

    It is a good idea to use a tooth pick to prick the centre of my cake.
    If it comes out  clean, they are done.

    Remove the muffins from the tin and cool.

    "A Mother is like a flower
    On a sunny summer day.
    You'd pick her in a minute
    If you could have your way.

    A Mother is like the sunshine;
    She warms your heart each day
    And makes you feel like smiling.
    It's just her special way."

    Paper Finger Puppets

    Your fingers are the legs (or trunk) of these simple paper puppets. You can make the entire cast of a nursery rhyme or fairy tale in just a few minutes, and then put on your own show.

    • You will need:

    • Stiff paper, like thick construction paper or even thicker paper
    • Scissors
    • Markers or crayons from our old friends ZOOM
    • Optional - printer, googly eyes, glue, cotton balls

    Instructions for all the finger puppets:

     Using stiff paper, either print out a puppet template or draw your own.
    Cut out the finger puppet and the finger hole(s)

    It is amazing just how many of these finger puppets you can make. All you need is a favourite Fairy Tale or Nursery Rhyme and then make theatre show.
    I used a large Cornflakes box for the boys, when they were younger.
    Place the box oblong- wise, cut round three sides of front piece, leaving four inches on either side to become the stage.
    Strengthened the corners with lolly-ice sticks.
    Get Mum or sister to help make a curtain.
    (An oblong piece of light material with a small hem at the top to pass a small green garden cane through. This can be held in place with sticky tape. The stage is
    made out of the front of the box which you part cut out. Fold it inward and downwards as you will only need a stage three inches wide at most. Decorate it, to match what ever show you are putting on.

    Decorate the puppet with crayons or markers.

    Optional: glue on googly eyes and cotton-ball or yarn hair

    Dinosaur pie, dinosaur pie.
     If I don't get some,
     I think I'm gonna die!
     Give away the green grass.
     Give away the sky.
    But please don't give away my dinosaur pie!

    This wonderful idea comes from the fabulous site "Enchanted Learning"

    I have just become a member. This is there URL link


    Dinosaur Burgers

    Dinosaur pie, dinosaur pie.
     If I don't get some,
     I think I'm gonna die!
     Give away the green grass.
     Give away the sky.
    But please don't give away my dinosaur pie!

    A Friendly Dinosaur

    Hm, he's not going to run away, is he?
       T Rex Pie

    Dinosaur Stomp,
    Barney Rubble
    Fred FlintstoneDinosaurs romp, Stomp!  Stomp!  Stomp!
    Dinosaurs flap,
    Zap!  Zap!  Zap!
    Dinosaurs zoom, Boom! Boom! Boom!

    Please no more!  Dinosaurs snore

    Dino's Bar

    A healthy snack recipe for kids!

    This sweet, flavourful and healthy snack recipe makes ordinary popcorn pop to life!

    Makes - 4 Servings

    Ingredients: - 

    8 cups   Popped corn (air-popped)

    2 Tablespoons    Butter

    1/4 Teaspoon    Cinnamon, ground

    1 Tablespoon   Brown sugar

    1/4 Teaspoon  Vanilla extract


    • In small sauce pan, melt butter on low heat until melted.
    • Add cinnamon, brown sugar, and vanilla to melted butter and stir for 1 minute until well blended.
    • Drizzle over popcorn, and toss mixture through popcorn until well covered.

    Cinnamon Popcorn Options:
    Chopped roasted peanuts, or pecans taste delicious.

    Mix it up with chopped dried apples or currants.


    The little green Dragon Tabaluga is a cartoon character, who lives in the fictional place Greenland. He is around 7 dragon-years old (700 human years, as one year for a dragon is 100 for a human). He is the creation of Helme Heine, German artist and author, and his wife, Gisela von Radowitz.

    Stamp Tabaluga.jpg

    It is now out of print both in America and in Germany.

    The musical "Tabaluga & Lilli" celebrated its premiere on 24 September 1999 in the TheatrO CentrO, Oberhausen, and ran there until 30 June 2001. The little dragon amongst other things, managed to unite the High Society of German musical actors, with stars such as Andreas Bieber, Ross Antony, Paul Kribbe and Carolin Fortenbacher.

    The First studio album "Tabaluga or the journey to reason." (1983) was the step to success: there followed in the course of the years some Helme Heine books, four Studio albums, a resounding tour and many TV Cartoons, which are Broadcast in over 100 countries round the world. Over 100 kindergartens and child care groups carry the word "Tabaluga" in their names.

    Flying Bark Animation (previously known as Yoram Gross Films) has also produced an animated cartoon series of Tabaluga. In this series, Tabaluga is the last of the dragons and the crown-prince of Greenland, a magical place inhabited by talking animals of many different species. Tabaluga must defend his home from two rival kingdoms on either side of Greenland; a frigid arctic tundra, ruled by the evil snowman Arktos and a searing desert, ruled by an evil sand-spirit named Humsin.Tabaluga

    In Tabaluga tivi, the television show (90 min.), you will see the little green dragon, Tabaluga, his friend Happy (a snow hare) and his enemy Arktos, the wicked snowman. In the show, two teams play against each other in 5 competition rounds to win prizes for themselves, and to win the contents of a treasure chest, which they can donate to their school, a children's home, etc. The broadcast is transmitted by ZDF and also KI.KA. In Summer 2005 the show celebrated its 400th transmission. The show is made for ZDF in co-production with Munich Production Company MingaMedia and is made in the Bavaria-Studios in Unterföhring, near Munich.

    http://www.rccc.info/hws/rccc/gfx/recipes_350x299.jpgAsian Confetti Rice

    A Healthy Kids Recipe

    Chopsticks or not, this is a healthy kids recipe that provides a fun way to lunch with an Asian flair! Incorporate more whole grains into your child's diet with this clever brown-rice recipe that won't disappoint!

    It's a great way to use leftover cooked rice and to save time.

    4 Servings

    2 cups                  Brown or white rice, cooked

    1/2 Cup               Onions, finely chopped

    1                            Garlic clove, minced

    1/2 Cup               Red bell pepper, diced

    1 Tablespoon      Roasted sesame oil

    1/4 cup                Water

    1 Tablespoon     Soy sauce

    1/4 Cup              Soybeans, shelled and frozen

    1/4 Cup             Corn, frozen

    2      large flat  mushrooms, finely chopped


    1 tablespoon       Soy sauce
    1 teaspoon           Roasted sesame oilAlbertasaurus
    1 teaspoon           Lemon juice
    1/4 teaspoon      Ginger, powdered

    Brown rice cooking instructions:
    Rinse 1 cup uncooked, brown jasmine rice. Add rinsed rice to 2 1/4 cups water, bring to a boil. Turn heat to low and let simmer for 45 minutes until water is absorbed.
    • In skillet, saute onions, garlic, bell peppers and sesame oil on medium-low heat for 5 minutes or until tender.
    • Add in water, soy sauce, soybeans, corn, and mushroom cook till tender.
    • To make dressing, in separate bowl mix soy sauce, sesame oil, lemon juice and ginger.
    • Remove vegetables from heat. Toss in rice and mix well.
    • Add dressing to rice and vegetables. Mix together.
    •  Can be stored in refrigerator for up to 3 days

    • Soaring Dinosaur's at the Hong Kong science Museum

    Soaring Dinosaurs 

    Chinese Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life features about 200 exotic fossils of dinosaurs and other ancient animals and plants unearthed in China. The fossils offer clues to the evolution of the dinosaurs and shed new light on the rise of birds, mammals and flowering plants.

    Among the precious collection of fossils is the Jehol Biota unique to the province of Liaoning in northern China. During the early Cretaceous Period about 120 million years ago, the area was warm with lush vegetation around lakes and rivers. Prehistoric animals and plants flourished on this landscape until massive volcanic eruptions took place. Dinosaurs with feathers and ancients birds were among the victims of the prehistoric catastrophe. Without any warning and before they could take wing, the animals were buried alive in a layer of fine volcanic ash. Since the discovery of feathered dinosaurs in Liaoning in the early nineties, the exotic finds have commanded international attention and have become a focus of scientific research.

    This exhibition showcases latest discoveries and research by the Institute of Geology of the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Museum, Chongqing Museum of Natural History and Lufeng Dinosaur Museum. Never before seen in Hong Kong, the fossils include the Jinfengopteryx elegans and Microraptor gui, precursors of modern birds, the 9-metre-tall Nuoerosaurus chaganensis found in the Gobi Desert, and the 9-metre-long Mammuthus sungari, one of the largest kinds of mammoths ever discovered.

    This exhibition is one of the major events for the Celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of the Establishment of the HKSAR.

    Some of the oldest jokes around!

    These jokes about dinosaurs are positively prehistoric.

    Can you think of any others?

    Megan the MegalosaurusMegan the Megalosaurus

     What is a Triceratops' favourite musical instrument?

    A horn

    What do you call a cleaner-dino?
    A cleaner-saurus!

    What do you call a Tyrannosaurus rex that talks and talks and talks ...?
    A dinobore.

    When can three giant dinosaurs get under an umbrella and not get wet?
    When it's not raining.

    How can you tell if there's a dinosaur in the refrigerator?
    The door won't close.

    What do call a dinosaur's puppy?

    Knock knock...
    Who's there?
    Dino who?
    Dino, too scared to open the door!

    Why did the dinosaur walk on two legs?
    To give the ants a chance.

    What do you call a blind dinosaur?

    Where should you let a Tyrannosaurus rex sit?
    Anywhere he likes!

    Why did the Tyrannosaurus rex stare at the orange juice container for 3 hours?
    Because it said 'concentrate'!

    What does a Tyrannosaurus rex do when you go to lunch with it?

    He pours salt over you and gets his knife and fork!

    What do you call a dinosaur with a lego body?
    A lego-saurus!

    Why did the dinosaur skeleton cross the road?
    To get to the body shop!

    Is it true that a dinosaur won't attack you if you're carrying a stick?
    That depends on how fast you carry it!


      All this wonderful stuff comes from a website created by the British Museums. It is all terrific fun and a great help for children everywhere. Please go there and have a look when you have plenty of time, it is worth every Minute.

    Clay Dinosaurs

    Clay is perfect for making dinosaur models. How about making a collection of your favourites?
    Top Tips:

    Not all clay needs to be fired, or baked in the oven; you can leave some types of clay to dry slowly on a windowsill. This is called air-drying or air-setting clay. You can buy it in art or craft shops.

    When you model your dinosaur, be careful not to make any parts of the body too skinny, as they may break when they dry out.
    Use 'slip' to join parts of your dinosaur together. To make slip, mix a little bit of clay with water to make a sludgy paste, then smooth it over any joins.

    Leave your dinosaur somewhere warm to dry for a couple of days.

    Why not visit a museum to get some dinosaur ideas?

    ©Leicester City Museums.

    This is the http for these wonderful website


    When the model has dried out you could paint it.

    Acrylic paint is best for painting on clay. If you use water-based paints and your dinosaur looks a little dusty or flaky when it's dry, a coat of varnish will seal on your colour.

    Anra Kennedy

      Dinosaur BurgersImage
    Dinosaur Burgers 500 g Minced lamb; (1 lb)
     1 tsps dried mint or 1 tablespoon finely chopped mint
    25 g Fresh white breadcrumbs  (1 oz)
    (made in a liquidiser/blender or food processor)
    Salt and freshly ground-black pepper
     1 medium size egg
    Flour to dust hands and work -surface

    Preheat the oven to 200 C, 400 F, Gas Mark 6. Brush a baking tray using a pastry brush with a little vegetable oil.
    Place the minced lamb into a large mixing bowl.

    Add the mint, breadcrumbs and seasoning and mix with a mixing spoon into the mince until thoroughly combined.
    Beat the egg in a small bowl with a fork and add to the mince mixture, mixing in thoroughly.A Friendly Dinosaur
    Using well floured hands and a floured surface, shape the mixture into four or eight dinosaur shapes depending on the size required. Alternatively cut into shapes using dinosaur cutters.

    The burgers at this stage can be cooked immediately or place onto a clean plate, cover and refrigerate until required.
    Place the burgers onto the baking tray and place in the preheated oven.
    Cook the burgers for 25-30 minutes, turning once during cooking (An adult will need to do this). The burgers should be cooked throughout until the centre is piping hot and no pink colour remains. Serve the burgers with vegetables or baked beans or serve in sesame buns with salad and relishes.
    The burgers are also delicious served with this tangy tomato sauce  mix 10 tablespoons of tomato ketchup with 1 teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce and 1 teaspoon lemon juice.
    Tomato Chutney is nice too.

    "Dinosaur Pie"A Friendly Dinosaur
    Hm, he's not going to run away, is he?Dinosaur pie, dinosaur pie.
    If I don't get some,
    I think I'm gonna die!
    Give away the green grass.

    Give away the sky.
    But please don't give away my dinosaur pie!

     Would you believe I found these recipes on the website for
    The  Natural History Museum!!!

    at the bottom of this page you will find all the details about this site,
     it is fantastic.

    Stegosaurus Fruit Salad

    By Demetrius, aged 7


    1 mango or melon, 1 apple, 1 banana
    3 cherries or grapes
    juice of half a lemon
    1 can/289g mandarin orange segments

    Make sure you get some help from an adult as this recipe
     needs a sharp knife to make.

    Don't you think it looks like me

       1. Slice mango either side of stone.
    Hold each slice, flesh side up.
     Using a small knife, cut a criss-cross pattern into the flesh,
    down to the skin. Be careful not to pierce the skin.
    Turn each slice inside out so the squares stand out.
     2. Place on a large plate, this is the dinosaur body. 

     3. Peel the banana and place it next to the mango to make a tail.

    4. Cut a thick slice of apple and use a knife to shape it into a dinosaur head.

    5. Coat the apple and banana with the lemon juice,
    this will stop it going brown.
    6. Cut the cherries or grapes in half and place on the head for eyes.

    7. Use the mandarin segments to add spikes along the body and tail.

    8. Chill in the fridge until ready to serve.


    Cheesy Dinosaurs

    Albert the Saurus loves Cheese
        By Joe aged 10

    Wilma are we having any of these biscuits?Ingredients

    4 oz/100g plain flour
    3oz/75g margerine or butter
    3oz/75g chedder cheese (grated)
    1 tblsp sesame seeds
    half a beaten egg

    Make sure you get some help from an adult as this recipe needs to be baked in the oven.


     1. Preheat the oven to 180° degrees C / gas mark 4. 
     2. Sieve the flower into a large bowl
    3. Add the margarine/butter and rub it into the flour until it looks like breadcrumbs  
    4. Add the cheese and sesame seeds  

    5. Mix in the beaten egg to make a dough
    6. Roll the dough out, making it approximately 1 inch thick
      7. Use the dinosaur cookie cutters to cut out the shapes and put on a greased baking tray
    A Friendly Dinosaur

     8. Put in the oven and bake for ten minutes or until golden brown

    9. Take them out of the oven, wait until they have cooled down, then devour!

    Do not eat it straight out of the oven. It's tempting but biscuits get very hot and you will burn your mouth.

    "Dinosaur Pie"
    Hm, he's not going to run away, is he?Dinosaur pie, dinosaur pie.I putting the lettuce in dude!
    If I don't get some,
    I think I'm gonna die!
    Give away the green grass.

    Give away the sky.
    But please don't give away my dinosaur pie!

    Long Necks in South Korean Dinosaur Park. xxxDinosaur Story

    Imagine you could travel back in time millions of years to when dinosaurs were alive. What an amazing adventure you would have!

     what would you do if you bumped into this   chap?
    © Natural History Museum.

    Maybe you would bump into a Tyrannosaurus Rex out hunting.
    You might watch some dinosaur eggs hatching or see a dinosaur having a snooze in the sun.

    Perhaps a baby dinosaur might try to sneak into your time machine when you travel home!

    We'd love to read your stories about dinosaur adventures. You could use the story opening below to start your story off, or make up your own.

    You could draw pictures to illustrate your story too.
    A Friendly Dinosaur

    The time machine landed with a big bump. I was back in the age of the dinosaurs!

    Dinosaurs Nest

    Dicky Dino's Nest
    I putting the lettuce in dude!
    thank goodness were all veggies
     By Dylan, aged 4

    3 eggs
    lettuce leaves
    bread sticks
    food colouring

    Make sure you get some help from an adult as this recipe requires the use of knives and boiling  water


    1. Put some water in a saucepan, bring to the boil
    2. Add eggs to pan and boil for 10 minutes
    3. Remove from heat drain hot water from pan and immediately plunge  eggs into cold water (this means the yolks don't go grey)
    4. Fill three drinking mugs with water, adding a few drops of food colouring to each one.......
    5. Gently tap the eggs on a work surface so that the shell is broken
    (beA Friendly Dinosaur careful not to peel any shell off)
    6. Place the cracked eggs into the cups with the food colouring and leave overnight or at least four hours
    7. Tear up some lettuce leaves and place in strips on a plate
    8. Break the bread sticks into 10cm long pieces and place around the plate, this is the nest
    9. Remove the eggs from the water and dry them with kitchen towel
    10. Peel off the shell and place in the nest.
    The eggs should have a mottled /tie dyed effect
    11. Eat and enjoy.


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