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Diddily Dee Dot's Dreamland for Children Everywhere
Princess Way

Diddily Dee Dot's Dreamland for Children Everywhere

Three Japanese girlsm


Three dear little maidens, one midsummer night,

Were watching a moon that was round as a shield ;

And they told me, in turns, what the circle of light

To each, as a wonderful vision, revealed.

"I see," said O Yuki, " a something that grows

Into outline and shadow ; - and now I can see

Two big staring eyes, and a mouth and a nose,

Why, the whole moon is looking and laughing at me ! "

Yuki saw the Man in the Moon

"I see," said another, "a wavering road ;

Upon it is trudging an old faggot man ;

His back is all crooked and bent with his load ;

I wish I could help him ! " said Sweet Noshi-San.

Old Man with heavy load

"A rabbit I see !" cried the littlest girl,

" With ears like the wind where the white snow is driven ;

He brays in a mortar, with pestle and pearl,

The shining gold grains from the rice fields of heaven. "

The Rabbit in the Moon

Now none saw the same, yet all saw a right,

And this is the lesson the wise mon taught ;

Whatever one sees in a mirror of light

Is only the shadow of one's own thought.

Japenese Bridge with Moon ArchSo, Yuki, smile on, while the moon's laughing low.

O tender heart ! ach for the old man's pain !

But ah ! with the littlest girl I will go

And pluck for the rabbit his starry grain.

The wonderful verse was written by Mary Fenollosa, and it came from "Blossoms from a Japanese Garden. "

C. 1913,  I believe.     Thankyou Mary x.


"that she and the girls went over to
Minnie and Martha's house to watch some of thier favourite Magicians and Ventriloquists.


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Here is Princess Cornflower with another story from her Diary

Tom Hickathrift

Ogre with Tom Hickathrift
Long,long ago there lived a poor workman who was very, very strong. He could do as much work in one day as another man could do in two.
His name was Tom Hickathrift, and he had an only son whose name was exactly the same as his fathers.
When the boy was ten years old he was five feet and a half high and two feet and a half broad; and he could eat... my could he eat as much as four grown up men , so they say.
His hand was like a small shoulder of mutton, and his foot was just as big, to say nothing of his heel. But neither he nor any one else knew just how strong the lad really was.

Unfortunately Tom's father died young and his mum worked hard to keep young Tom in food whilst he sat all day in the chimney corner, doing nothing at all. He wouldn't even talk, and people called him a fool and had no mother- wit.
 His mother slept on straw which soon grew very dirty. Then she would go to the farmer and beg a bundle of new straw.
Having such a lot to do she decided one day to ask Tom to go to the farmer for the bundle of new straw he had promised her;
"Of course I will go," said Tom, "but could you first go and borrow a cart rope."
His mother was that pleased that he was willing to go that she went straight to her neighbours for a cart rope. Then Tom wrapped it round his shoulders and went off to the farm.

When Tom arrived at the farm, the farmer told him he could help himself to as much straw as he could carry. So without more ado Tom did just that.
He lay the rope in a straight line and put a whole cart load of straw across it. The farm hands stood round watching, they began to laugh.
"You will never be able to carry so much straw, you'll end up breaking your back!"
But Tom took no notice and he tied the rope, flung the bundle across his shoulders, and walked off down the lane without fault or stagger back to his mother.
The farmer and his men stood by, speechless.

             Once his incredible strength became known, Tom's lazy days were over. No more could he sit in the chimney corner doing as little as possible, as everyone wanted to hire him for work. Tom soon found that work brought its own reward and he became very merry, taking delight in company, going to fairs and meetings and he had many adventures. Tom by now had also grown to the huge height of eight foot.

There was a certain man, a wealthy brewer who wanted a good strong man to carry his casks of cider to the town  which was twenty miles away, he hired Tom.
"I will come and work for you." said Tom, " If you will give me a new suit of clothes and as much as I can to eat and drink. The brewer agreed and that was it.

Now there was a short cut to the town across the marsh, but no one dared to go that way because of a great and strong giant. This cruel Ogre killed or made slaves of every one he could catch.
Ogres in general are not very pleasant and this one was worse than most. He had a monstrous appetite for eating passers-by!
Unfortunately, avoiding the Ogre meant taking the long route - over twenty miles - around the great common, which belonged to the seven villages of the marshland; a very long detour for one so naturally lazy. Until at last Tom became totally fed up with this journey and he decided that it was time to face up to the Ogre.
    For a while Tom drove the wagon along the straight road and over the march.
The Ogre saw him coming and said with a loud voice,
"Aha ! I shall soon kill this fellow and drink all his cider.
Now if you thought Tom was big, you should have seen the Ogre! He was twelve feet tall and six feet around the waist, a large Ogre indeed.

"Who gave you authority to come this way?" he roared. "I'll make an example of you - see how many heads hang on yonder tree? Yours shall hang higher than all the rest."
"I know, but I care not," said Tom, in a bold voice.
"But how are you going to fight without any weapons, you have no sword or shield?
Tom heart sank as he realised he had no weapon! The Ogre roared with laughter and ran back up to his cave to fetch his great club . For once in his life, Tom thought quickly and, without hesitation, he ripped an axle and a wheel off his cart. then he bravely faced the slavering Ogre with the axle for a sword and the wheel as a shield.

The fight was long and terrible, the sound of the mighty blows echoed across the marshland. The Ogre was strong and rained down heavy blows on Tom, but Tom gave as good as he got and was quicker and lighter on his feet. A well aimed blow to the side of the Ogre's head sent him reeling.
Knowing that he was weakening, the Ogre tried a trick and asked Tom for a drink. Tom would have none of it; his dim days were behind him.
"Oh no," he said, "my mother taught me better than that; who'd be a fool then?"
Then using all his strength, Tom felled the Ogre with one last crushing blow. The Ogre was lying dead at Tom's feet.
Exhausted but curious, Tom looked inside the Ogre's cave and was amazed and astonished by what he saw. Gold, silver and jewels lay everywhere! Tom repaired his cart and returned home.

Tom Hickathrift was now a rich man, and his mother no longer slept on straw. He built a fine house on part of the Ogre's land, but he gave the rest of the land to the people for their common.When one of them didn't know what to do, the others would say
"Go and ask Tom Hickathrift! he will help you."
One of the men Tom helped was a tinker who was almost as bis and strong as Tom, the two became very good friends and he went to live with Tom and his mother.
One day one of the head men of the village came to Tom and told him that a band of thieves and robbers were in the village .
Tom and his friend took up their clubs and marched up to the leaders of the band.
"Why do you break the King's peace? asked Tom.
"Why indeed? " Said the Tinker.
"We will take what we want," said the leader, "king or no king." Then he shook his club and the fight began.

    The robbers were many and fierce. But Tom and his friend fought so well that they cleared the field in a very short time. No longer was the king's peace broken in those parts.
  News of the battle soon reached the ears of the king, and how Tom had fearlessly killed the Ogre and built a lovely home for his mother and all the goodness he had shown to his neighbours, and the next we here Tom Hickathrift received a message that he should go to London to see the King.
The king made him kneel before him and he took his sword and touched Tom lightly on the shoulders.
"Rise, Sir Thomas," he said, and this was the way in which a poor man's son was made a knight.
Later on that year Tom met, and fell in love with a beautiful lady. They went to live in Tom's home with his Mother and the tinker. Where they continue to do all they could to make everybody happy and by doing so they lived a very happy life themselves.

An Old English Tale.
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English children all know the story of Una and the Lion. Red Indian children have a story very similar to it. Here it is especially for you.

      Once upthis is another little Indian child only she is standing not sitting.on a time there was a beautiful girl, who belonged to the Blackfoot tribe, called Sits-by-the-door. She was her parents darling, and she had many friends. Her heart was filled with gratitude to the Great Spirit for the beauty of the Earth and the love of her fellow people.
      But one day the tribe moved camp. First went a party of warriors in single file, then came the women and children, and more wariors brought up the rear. Suddenly a party of Crow Indians sprng out in the middle of the line. They seized many of the women and the children, while there comrades shot down the first Blackfoot warriors who sprang to the rescue. They then made off swiftly with their captives, Sits-by-the-door was among them.
      It was a long, painful journey to the Crow camp along the Yellowstone river, and at every step the prisoners thought of the terrors that lay ahead of them. When they arrived some were killed, while others were made slaves.
      Sits-by-the-door was given to a very cruel man who ill used her terribly. Every night he tied her wrists and ankles together to make sure she couldn't escape. But his old wife was a good woman and she was good to the young girl whenever she got the chance. However the old man got fed up of Sits-by-the-door and told his wife that he was going to kill her when he returned from hunting. The old wife told Sits-by-the-door and promised her that if her husband spared her till the night passed, she would help her to escape.

        The indian returned from his days hunting, he was very tired and after gulping down his supper he fell asleep. The old woman then kept her promise and cautiously untied the girls bonds. Apart from setting her free, she also gave her a flint, a bag of pemmican and a pair of moccasins. Sits-by-the-door wasted no time in running as fast and as far from the Crow camp as possible. At night she ran through the woods, and although it was adding to the cold, the snow hid her tracks. Through the day she lay hidden awy from danger, then as soon as night fell she was off again.
       Days passed, her moccasins were in threads, and her store of pemmican was exausted. Soon she began to weaken from hunger, she could only go a short tway at a time. Then came the thing she had been dreading, the sound of footsteps following her. At first she thought it might be a warrior but then she shivered as she realised it was a great grey wolf, and it was quickly gaining on her.
      Sits-by-the-door began to run, but it was no good she was too tired and she dropped to the ground in despair. She watched and waited for the wolf to spring, but nothing happened. The wolf was in front of her and instead of attacking her, he lay down by her feet.
      Of course it didn't take Sits-by-the-door to realise that this was no ordinary wolf but an animal that had been sent by the Great Spirit to protect and watch over her.
   "Oh brother wolf !" she exclaimed, "I am so dreadfully hungry!" Instantly he bounded off in search for food. Realising now that she was far enough away from the Crow Camp, she decided to light herself a small fire and she set about collecting some brushwood, this she kindled with the flint and some dry moss, then lay down by the fire to get warm.
      Before long the wolf return and in his mouth was a small fawn which Sit-by-the-door cooked and shared with the wolf. From its skin she managed to fashion herself a pair of moccasins, something she'd been taught to do from a very young age. Her feet and body warm again she lay back down and slept fearlessly, guarded faithfully by her new friend.

      In this way the two travelled for several more days until they found their way back to the Blackfoot Tribe and her parents. Can you imagine how happy they were to see their daughter who they felt sure to have been tortured and perished in the fire.
   Sits-by-the-door was very,very tired and although at first she seemed alright, within a few hours of her return she collapsed and fell very ill. Everyone had been told by the young girl how the wolf had saved her life, and none of the tribe would hurt him but the indians dogs did not like this stranger and as soon as everyone was looking after the child, the dogs chased the wolf away. He didn't go far though and the villagers took scraps of food for him so he wouldnt go hungry and slowly but surely Sits-by-the-door recovered, yet it seems that the great grey wolf knew of his friends recovery for after showing himself to her one last time he turned and was on his way back to the Great Spirit to await his next trial.
   Sits-by-the-door recovered fully and lived  a very long and happy life. There was some legends that said that after this happening the Blackfoot Tribe started to call the Milky Way, the Wolf Trail.... I wonder!

 Hello my name is Princess Cornflower.

As you may already know if you have been to Seligor's Castle I live in Peppercorn Green with my Mother and Father, Queen Pepper and King Pepper, they live in the castle of Peppercorn Green.
I am a Googlenok Princess and the strange thing about being a Googlenok is we are all named after wild flowers.
Diddily lives in Wales you know, and she has a garden full of wild flowers
this is Diddily's Back Garden, part of it any way
and birds. She also has a a couple of foxes that visit and many strange night creatures. I have a feeling you may be
meeting some of these in my dairy entries.
Right I must away now to my bed. My best friend Ann
Night, night then, see you tomorrow same time, same place and I'll tell you how my day went.

Sleep tight, hope the bug's don't bit Carline is coming  early in the morning and with it being almost Easter we want to train for the Easter Pony Regatta over in Oaklandshire the home of my Uncle Basil and Aunty Lavender, they just happen to be the King and Queen of Oakland. It should be a great time, can't wait. e. xxxx
HRH the  Princess Cornflower

 A Cornflower
ImageEnigma Variations

For 5/6yrs  
How many 3 letter words can you make out of;    

18 - 22 - average  -  more than 22 -  brilliant



For 6/7yrs  
How many 4 letter words can you make out of;

 15 - 20 average - more than  20 brilliant

For 8 +yrs 
ImageHow many four letter words or more can you make out of;

23 - 28 average - more than 28 - brilliant

no plurals or capitals - try not to use the dictionary Image
results at bottom of page, you might even find more than me.
Let me know if I've left some ou
t please?    :-)

Diddily only spent ten minutes on each, you can take longer. Good Luck

A CornflowerThe Princess Cornflower Diaries

Ann Carline
Hello again, I hope you're all keeping well. I would like to introduce you to my bestest friend Miss Ann Carline, we have been friends since we were very young. We are just off to the stables. See you later. Cornflower xx

Well it's now just gone twenty past nine and I am very  tired, we had the most wonderful day let me tell you all about it.
It all began this morning when Ann came round to call for me at the castle............

 "Oh my goodness you have arrived early, I know I said we'd get going early but I didn't mean 7.30 , the birds haven't long been up and I haven't fed the chickens yet."
Cornflower ready for bed in her Nightie. Cornflower was hanging out of her bedroom window.  The sun was shining  and you could tell it was going to be a beautiful day.
"Early you said, not dinner time you said" Ann,
Cornflower's best friend answered. "You were the one who wanted to set off early, come on down, I bet youAnn was early haven't even had your breakfast yet."
Cornflower shook her head, a huge smile crossed her face. "I bet you haven't had any either have you?" she laughed. "I bet you've come this early so that you can have some of my mum's Peppercorn Marmalade.
Ann Carline laughed. "Now would I do that?"
"Yes you jolly well would, come on in, get Daniel to take you through to Cathy, I can smell the toast cooking from here. I'll be down before you can say " Pop goes the weasel."
Cornflower came down stairsAnd true to her word the princess was downstairs before Cathy had finished putting the butter on the toast, Peppercorn Butter from the Peppercorn cows of course.
"And where may I ask are you two young things off to so early in the morning?" Cathy Fern asked the girls as they drank their tea and layered much marmalade on their toast.
"Oh were only taking the ponies out for a run towards the Marshlands
Peppercorn Pavillion border, there are a few good fences going that way and we need the practice before the Easter Show Miss C." Ann said with her mouth full, tut tut.

"The Marshlands Border eh!" Queen Pepper asked, "I don't want you two girls going into the Marshlands you know.... Not after what happened last time you went that way." (Journey into Christmas)
Oh Mum, that was before Christmas and we we're on the train, we are going on our ponies."
Queen Peppercorn frowned one of her "Hm m m " frowns. "Are just the two of you going, the gang of you won't be together I hope?"
"Oh Mum." How can you say that we don't deliberately, get into bother I mean. Hey mum it's usually dads fault, well it was at Christmas."
Queen Pepper did love her cup of tea

"Come on you two stop arguing, I want to get the bacon on for the King coming home." Cathy said, whilst she made tidy the table "The train is due it at 8 .30. A Cornflower
Here you go your highness, have a nice cup of tea whilst the girls get their pony stuff ready." Cathy put a fresh cup of tea in front of  the Queen. If there was anything to make the Queen relax it was a nice cup of tea.

March 16th 2008

The girls left the castle and wondered over to the stables, they found the ponies all ready for them to ride. Barnaby Nettle
"Barnaby where are you, did you do this for us?" Barnaby Nettle came creeping, laughing out of the stables. "Oh Barny you are a wonderful," both girls cried together. "Thankyou so much."
Barney just tipped his hat, picked up his pails and with a big wink left the girls to go off to there practise.

It was almost lunch time when Princess Cornflower and Ann reached the Marshlands Border.  They decided to have their food early and after tying their ponies to the fence they sat down and ate the wonderfuul packed lunch Cathy had ready for them. Button, Ann's pony seemed a little restless and the girls took them a little further along the fence. "I wonder what is The Marshlands Borderwrong with them? "Ann frowned, "Even Shadow seems a little restless."
"Hm m I've no idea," Cornflower replied looking all around to see if anyone was about. She hesitated before adding, "and don't you dare mention  the beast or I'll scream." Both girls fell about laughing as they thought about Christmas.
"I can't believe we were so frightened!" Cornflower laughed. "Nor me, I never did get even with that Marcus, but one...."
................ She stopped talking. Did you hear anything?"
"Anything sort of like a baby crying  you mean?"
"Yea, that's what I mean!" Both girls stood up and quietly  tied the ponies back up.  They stood very quiet and
somewhere beyond the ditch the cry sounded again.
Cornflower shook her head "Nah, I think we're hearing things, were just thinking about the last time."
"You're probably right Princess," Ann replied, "come on let's head back to the castle." she shuddered and the sound came again, this time it was louder and more frightening.Sleepy Hollow
"OK. and now what. We promised we wouldn't get into any trouble, we know the Marsh is still boggy after all the rain we've had... so what do we do Ann?"
"We go back to Sleepy Hollow and stop the train when it comes through at one o'clock. Come on it's only just twelve thirty, we'll make it." Ann was already untying the ponies as she spoke.
"Let's go then" Cornflower said mounting Shadow, and both girls were on their way back to Sleepy Hollow and the Peppercorn Express.

Will the girls make it in time?
Will the train be early?

What is it that's crying in amongst the Marshes?A Cornflower

17th March 2008

The girls rode with great speed back to Sleepy Hollow.
The Peppercorn Express"Do you think we will make it to the station before the train Cornflower?"
"I do hope so Ann, I don't fancy chasing after it." In the distance they both heard the sound of the trains whistle.
"Oh my goodness that must be it going into the tunnel  just before the station. We're not going to make it after all. I think we better drop down towards the railway lines." Cornflower pulled at Shadows reins and veered off towards the lines, followed closely by Ann.
Once more they heard the sound of the train as the whistle warning Thomas
that the train was ready to leave.
The Peppercorn was on her way to the Marshlands crossing and the girls had to stop it before it went to far down the line.
They reached the fence just as the train came round the bend.
"We've done it Ann! Cornflower screamed over the sound of the engine. "Dad, Dad stop the train." she screamed at the top of her voice. But King Pepper just waved and pulled on the whistle cord.
"Dad please stop the train! DADDY STOP, STOP PLEASE STOP!"
Thomas waited for the train to leave

It was all to much for Ann she tried to stand up in the saddle,  at the same time trying to wave her arms to get the Kings attention and next minute she was falling.
Cornflower screamed and  at the same time Thomas pulled on the communication cord as he watched Ann start to fall.  King Pepper brought the Peppercorn Express to a jerky halt. Thomas was out of the guards van and running towards Ann, who lay very still on the ground.
Cornflower held on to the two ponies  and King Pepper  knelt down the other side of Ann who was just waking up.
"Ouch" she cried, "Oh my blinking ankle, I think I've broke it."
"Try to stay still if you can, for goodness sake girls what where you doing chasing after the train like that?"
"Oh my goodness haven't you told them yet Cornflower?"
"You're joking we were more worried about you."
"But what about the baby, the beast may have got her by now."
King Pepper is off the train and with Ann"The beast! a baby! Good gracious girls what on earth are you waffling about." The King and Thomas asked together.
"We were trying to stop you dad, before you went past the Marshlands."
"We had been exercising our ponies for the weekend, and we stopped for.." Ann stopped to groan whilst Cornflower sighed and carried on not explaining.
A Cornflower

"I'll make it easy, It doesn't matter, just come on we have to get back to the Border crossing and quick, there's a baby in the Marshes."
"How can you be sure, did you see it?"
"Of course we didn't see it, we promised mum we wouldn't go over the fence but we can't leave it there dad, come on , now, pleeasse."
"And what about young Ann, we can't leave her here, can we now?"
Of course not Daddy, we'll shove her on the train." She sighed and sounded just like her Mother," the King thought and frowned.
Alright, alright. Do you think you can carry her to the train Thomas?"

"No problem your Highness," Thomas said and lifted Ann gently into the train, which by now had several worried passengers hanging out of the window's.
"Are you all right my dear,"  The Major said in his deep voice. "You didn't half come a cropper, best take her back to Peppercorn straight away I should say."
Thomas shovelled more coal into the fire box"No , No, we have to go and save the baby." Ann cried out! The major scratched his head and wondered off down the track. "I will walk back to Sleepy Hollow and get help, if that's alright with you Captain."
King Pepper nodded his head and leaving Ann in the capable hands of  Merle Hop, the little train made its way  towards the Marshland border.
A Cornflower

Later on the following day.

      Looking back on it now, I think we got a little carried away. As I write this I think to myself,  who on earth would leave a baby in the Marshes. The answer of course was nobody.
I think you may have guessed already. It's the middle of  March, the sheep have been lambing for a month now and it just so happened that "Our Baby" turned out to be the plaintive cry of a lamb who'd lost its mother in the marsh.
Naturally we got an  awful telling off from my mother and Cathy , even Daniel and Barny gave us a bad look for the rest of the day. The major phoned for Sam's taxi, to take both girls back to the castle. Then Dr Cornel came out and bandaged Ann's ankle. It was a sprain not a break thank goodness. Dad, the Major , Mrs Hop and Thomas went on to Oakland...... And me? Well Ann was too weak to move so we're sitting here finishing off the diary entry and then were going to play with our Barbies.
A Cornflower

See you all tomorrow, No adventures for a couple of days, Ann has to rest her foot. Have fun and don't get into trouble. He, he, he.
Loves and hugs Cornflower and Ann. xxx

Princess Way

in Diddily Dee Dot's Dreamland

Princess Cornflower and her Friends Invited some of the children from Peppercorn Green Brownies and Guides to come over to the Castle for a small Tea Party, followed by a collection of wonderful short video's from Seligor.

Well I hope you enjoyed it as much as the kids of Peppercorn Green. But I do wish you had been here as well to help with all the dish washing and tidying up. I will never moan at the Queen (my Mum) when she moans at me for making such a mess. He he he, she doen't really, she asks Minnie and Martha to help her with it. xxx


The Princess Cornflower Diaries.


It seems ages since I wrote anything in here, well a bit every day but nothing that would be exciting enough to share with anyone else. The day after Ann sprained her ankle we stayed up in the bedroom all day playing games, watching TV, a few DVD's and we even had a quick go on the playstation but Cathy came up and made us go to sleep.
This was the routine for the next week or more. Ann stayed the whole week Merle Hopthen Mrs Hop and Christina were going to have here over at thier place . Ann was all excited because her dad was going to be there as well and everyone one was hoping that Henry Carline and Merle Hop were going to become husband and wife soon. They had been seeing each other for ages.  Henry Carline Blacksmith
Ann and her dad had moved to Peppercorn Green when Ann was very small.  that is why Cornflower and her were such good friends. But over the last twelve months the friendship between Heny and Merle Hop had grown into something more, with a lot of encouragement from Ann and Christina obviously.
Now that will be a special day to write in my diary.


Hi there, it's just gone 9pm and the rain has been coming down in buckets all day.  Mum and Dad went out and ordered some garden furniture for outside the patio doors leading into the palace kitchen. It had been so warm they thought it would be nice for Cathy to have a rest on. Personally I think  a rain barrel would have been a better idea. Ha, ha.
However something funny did happen today. The girls all decided to come round for the day and we got to talking about the Peppercorn Olympics last year and after a lot of persuasion and promising that we would tidy up the kitchen after us we made ourselves some hotdogs for our dinner followed by toffee apples.

                                              These are my best friends,

Ann CarlineCornflower PeppercornJody CornelKayleigh WillowherbHeledd CornellSarah Stonecrop

 Ann,             Cornflower,     Jody,             Kayleigh,       Heledd,       Sarah

Cathy helped us with the recipe and getting everything out of the cupboards that we needed. Then the fun began, why not travel over to Seligor's Castle
at http://seligorscastle.zoomshare.com/special dayin the shire.htm
where you can read the full adventure of the princess and the First Peppercorn Olympics.

Diddily only spent ten minutes on each, you can take longer. Good Luck

Words for Enigma Variations

3 letter words from - Cinderella.

ace  ail  ale all and are air
cad can car  Cinderella going to the ball
den din die
ere ell era ear eel
ire  ice  ill
lid lad lea lee lei
red ran rid.

4 letter words from - Snow - white.

hewn  hine  hint  hone hose hostSnow White made for Molly by Ashley xx
nose newt note nowt
snow stew sown sten shin stow
shot snot swot show

this tone twin thin
when  with  wine  whet  west  went  wish  wise .

words of four or more from - Cornflower.

clef  cool  corn  core  cowl  crow 
crone croon crown clown cower
cooler cornerCornflower Peppercorn
erne enrol

fern  flew  fowl fore fool flow
floor frown  flown force

lore  loon lower loofer
roof   rower  rowen  roofer
wool  wolf  wren  worn  wore
Cornflowers Mum, Queen Pepper has real purple curls     Hi their Everyone.
My mum, Queen Pepper saw what I had written about her and her purple hair and she said I have already made her an old lady, which isn't true folk's, she was only joshing :). This is Cornflowers Dad, xxx
Anyway she asked me would I put this poem on here for her.
Of course I told her I would, so here it is.

We'll have my dad here next, does anyone know a poem about an old king with long ginger hair and beard and a moustashe.
Oops I'll end up being grounded if I'm not careful.

Your  Princess Cornflower. xxx


When I'm a little old lady
Frogs in the pantry

Then I'll live with my children and bring them great joy.
To repay all I've had from each girl and boy
I shall draw on the walls and scuff up the floor;
Run in and out without closing the door.

I'll hide frogs in the pantry, socks under my bed.
Whenever they scold me, I'll hang my head.
I'll run and I'll romp, always fritter away
Rocks in the drawer

The time to be spent doing chores every day.

I'll pester my children when they are on the phone.
As long as they're busy I won't leave them alone.
Hide candy in closets, rocks in a drawer,
And never pick up my clothes from the floor.

Dash off to the movies and not wash a dish.

I'll plead for allowance whenever I wish.
I'll stuff up the plumbing and deluge the floor.
As soon as they've mopped it, I'll flood it some more.

When they correct me, I'll lie down and cry,
Kicking and screaming, not a tear in my eye.
I'll take all their pencils and flashlights, and then
When they buy new ones, I'll take them again.

I'll spill glasses of milk to complete every meal,When I was four,
Eat my banana and just drop the peel.
Put toys on the table, spill jam on the floor,
I'll break lots of dishes as though I were four.

What fun I shall have, what joy it will be to

Live with my children....
the way they lived with me!

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