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Diddily Dee Dot's Dreamland for Children Everywhere
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Diddily Dee Dot's Dreamland


Bo Peep

Does anyone remember what Little Bo Peep Lost ?

A.     Her Handbag.

B.     Her Crook.

C.     Her Sheep.

D.     Her way home.

What was the name of the little girl whose lamb followed her to school"?

Little lamb  A.     Joanna.

   B.     Dorothy.

C.     Mary.

         D.   Gwendoline 

Pat a Cake

"What letter did the Baker's Man mark the cake with ?" Tommy asked.

1.  B     2.   P   3.      4.   D

Polly put the kettle on

"If Polly put the kettle ON, who took the kettle OFF ?"

A.    Sukey      B.   Sarah   C.   Sally     D.   Susan

All these rhymes are the Mother Goose version

More soon, bed time for Diddily, tired - yawn, yawn, yawn, 

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diddilydeedotsdreamland .



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 "Never fear spoiling children by making them too happy.

Happiness is the atmosphere in which all good affections grow."

Thomas Bray


Asian Parents.com

There was a young lady named Diddily,

Isn't she lovely, specially for you :)

Who loved chocolate white and cream Bubbily.
She winked her blue eyes
And smiled her big smile.

And everyone said, Lovely Jubberly.

Now Diddily was also  quite funny,
And laughed such a lot like her mummy.
But her trouble, oh my,
Was the ache in her side.
When her laughing caused pain in her tummy.

So if ever you see our dear Diddily.
Who loves chocolate white and cream Bubbily.
Don't give her the gum .
Or Tiddle her tum.
Cause she'll laugh and go Hiddily Piddily.

I think Diddily has been drinking the Dragon's Milk again!

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Flying to the sunWow the Tardis!

Maybe you wont be going on holiday in Dr. WHO's TARDIS but it would be a bit fantastic if you were wouldn't it.
I wonder where you would travel to and if you would meet any aliens.

Well it looks like it will be the usual plane or train, even a bus. Anyway here is a wonderful scrap of very useful knowledge. Not just the children but with Holidays fast approaching one needs help and here is Madhup Srivastava to guide you and mummy on your way.

Travelling with kids? Here's handy hints

Madhup Srivastav is a frequent traveller and owner of Kilbirnie Travel

travel madhup srivastava kids diapers child crying bathroom families holidays airlines aircraft

Travelling inspires many of us and the very idea of travelling with kids puts many of us in a state of despair.

The sheer thought of managing a cranky or crying child during an entire flight or on the airport during transit puts many families off going on holidays.

I have been discussing with many young parents about their experiences while travelling with small kids and most of them have same concerns and go through the same trials and tribulations.

I am afraid my baby will cry for entire flight

Most of them remember their earlier experiences for all wrong reasons and are still clueless and nervous, whereas some others tried certain tricks and managed their entire journey relatively trouble free. I would like to share some of these tips with you to help easing your next family holiday trip.

A very legitimate fear. Babies cry for many reasons, they might be having ear plugged during take off or landing.

This can be managed by giving them something to drink. If that does not help, go for a walk. It might help. If it doesn’t, at least you show your fellow passengers that you are trying to do something to solve this problem.

May be, before you start your journey, think of buying some ear plugs for your fellow passengers, pass this on to them and they won’t be annoyed and rather a great way to start conversation.

Bring snacks. It’s amazing how much latitude you can get by presenting your child with his or her favorite treat. Hydrate, hydrate

, hydrate. Planes are dehydrating and a dehydrated child is often a cranky child.

Bring a small DVD player with a new DVD. Although most planes now have personal screen in the seats, you can’t always find a show that will interest your child. Colouring books, Lego blocks, puzzles and books are also life savers.

Do a stroller and car seat count towards my baggage allowance?

Different airlines have different rules. Check with your travel agent before you leave.

I have a four-five hour stopover, what should I do to keep my child entertained?

Well, I would say, you are in for a pain if you are not prepared for this. Buy a Trunki ride-on suitcase. This comes in green, blue, cow and tiger print. It is made from the same plastic as adult suitcases. It weighs under 2 Kg and is 18" x 7.9" x 12", holds up to 50 Kg of riding weight and can be ridden by two toddlers. It has stabilisers to prevent tipping and comes with carry handle, pull strap and horn grips.

They can pack it with all of their own special things, and they can ride it around the airport while you’re waiting for the plane.

It also makes a great seat and comes with a handy strap so you can pull them too. You can also bring a balloon for enter

tainment - it will give them a focus for their running.  Easy to transport and you can throw it in the garbage just before the flight. There is a good video on this product on You Tube. Search ‘Trunki’

I’m travelling alone. What do I do with my baby when I need to go to the bathroom?

Ask a flight attendant to watch your child. Diddilydeedot's Dreamland Supports Dimdima

How can I change a diaper in a tiny airplane bathroom?

Bathrooms in airports are generally big and clean. Use them before you get on to the plane. While on the airplane, try to use the Business Class bathrooms. They are generally bigger and cleaner as they are used by fewer people.

If you plan to travel a lot, you might want to invest in a diaper bag that also functions as a changing station. There are a number of them out on the market, such as the Studio Cherie Diaper Bag especially designed for changing diapers on airplanes) and the Baby Traveler Deluxe Diaper Bag.

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Train in Motion

   A minstrel was a medieval European bard who performed songs whose lyrics told stories about distant places or about (real or imaginary) historical events . Though minstrels created their own tales, often they would memorize and embellish the works of others. Frequently they were retained by royalty and high society. As the courts became more sophisticated, minstrels were eventually replaced at court by the troubadours, and many became wandering minstrels, performing in the streets and became well liked until the middle of the Renaissance, despite a decline beginning in the late 15th century. Minstrels fed into later traditions of traveling entertainers, which continued to be moderately strong into the early 20th century, and which has some continuity down to today's buskers or street musicians.



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