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Diddily Dee Dot's Dreamland for Children Everywhere
Toby Bucket

"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we
forget that they are already someone today."

Toby and CandyDiddily Dee Dot's Dreamland for Children EverywhereTilly and Precious


The sun is shining brightly
The gulls are floating lightly,
The sea is calling "Children,
Won't you come and play with me?"
So ask for breakfast early,
When the waves are crisp and curly,
And come along to paddle,
Paddle gaily in the sea.

Carousel on the sands

Six little maidens brightly,
Trip o'er the sands so lightly,
And answer, "See we're coming
As quickly as can be;
For our books are put away,
And we've all our time for play,
And we're longing now to paddle,
Paddle gaily in the sea"

This is Toby's Bucket

diddilydeedotsdreamland .


Tilly and Toby were very excited.

Tilly's young nephew was having fancy dress par
This is Tilly's Tea Potty for his birthday and a clown to entertain them.

"We will have to go and get our costumes before the weekend."
Tilly said. "What do you want to be?"

 "I'm not sure, I have never been to a fancy dress party before!" replied Toby.

"Then we shall go on the bus to town and look what they have in the shop."

They thought it was best to leave Candy and Sweetie at home in Tilly's Teapot.
Can you see Toby and Tilly on the Bus?
Then they went to catch the bus.
           Can you see them in the bus stop?

Here comes the bus, they were just in time.
                Can you see Tilly and Toby on the bus?
Can you tell me what colour the bus is?
                                         Yes you were right. It is red.

It was only a short trip into the town and Tilly and Toby were soon getting off the bus and making their way to
 the special shop that sells clothes for dressing up in.

Soon they were inside the shop and looking around all the good things there were to put on.
Toby is a Cowboy and Tilly is a Cowgirl.
It didn't take them long to find what they were looking for..

Can you see what they are dressed in?
Why Toby is a Cowboy and Tilly she is a cowgirl with a lasso and a mask.
I wonder if people will know who she is?
Tilly and Toby in the cafe
They had their clothes wrapped up and then they went to the cafe for a cup of tea and some chips and sausage before going back home.

After they had finished their lunch they caught the bus back home and were greeted by Candy and Sweetie their puppy dogs. Goodbye Toby, Goodbye Tilly
The dogs had been so good that Tilly and Toby took them for a walk as a reward.


There is another story ready as well for Halloween, ghost and witches, cauldrons and spiders. he he
http://www.dadazi.net/chldpge.html  /Where to go to visit dadazi in India.

 TOBY and TILLY go to the Mountains

It had been a very long Christmas.
Tilly and Toby decided that they would go away.

There was a lot of frost .  Toby wanted to see the snow.

The roads were too icy to drive.
Tilly suggested that they take her balloon.
Great Balloon Festival
aybe take Candy and Sweetie Pie with them .

But Toby had got a surprise for Tilly.     Can you see what it is?
It is a poster advertising a grand balloon festival.
Toby had arranged a special balloon trip.

Which balloon do you think Toby has chosen for them?

Could it be the fish?

Could it be the duck or maybe even the heart?

They chose the Turtle. Wow can you see them, they have already taken off.
They can see snow on the ground already.

Soon they will be over the snow covered mountains.

"Look! Tilly Look!" Shouted Toby!

There was a huge balloon over the mountains.

"Will we be going over there too Toby?"
Tilly shouted.

They had to shout for the wind was very sharp and they had muffs on there ears to keep them warm.

"Maybe Tilly, we will follow the others?"

"Gosh Toby!" laughed Tilly. "Look at that man, he must be very cold."

Just then the balloon started to decend.

Then they were meeting up with all the other balloonist for lunch in a mountain log cabin.

The weather changes very quick in the mountains, and before  they had finished eating  a message on the loud speaker told them that all flying was cancelled, a blizzard was due very soon.

Alas Toby and Tilly could not stay and when the blizzard blew over they had to take the chair lift down to the bottom . 

It wasn't long before they were back to the village, with the Mountains behind them.

Tomorrow they would head back home to Sweetie Pie and Candy.
Tilly and Toby are taking to the ice for a skate before they go in for the night .

Would you like to come and join Toby and Tilly in a great sing song.

They have a great selection of lovely songs that will accompany them where ever they go to. Why don't you ask your family to help you learn the words.
When Toby and Tilly go up to Blackpool for the day they learn lots of songs.

"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we
forget that they are already someone today."

Tilly is going to add her favourite photo album soon, she doesnt know which to put on here yet. Possibly it will be the Story Teller she does like these pictures very much.
Keep a look out for it won't you.

 Toby Bucket Meets Tilly TeapotHello I'm Toby Bucket

Hello, here is Toby Bucket.

Toby was outside with CandyToby was out side playing with Candy.

Suddenly there was a loud shout from the sky.

Candy barked and Toby ran behind the tree.
Tilly and Sweetie in the balloon
Up in the sky there was a balloon,
It was Tilly Teapot and her little dog, Sweetie Pie.

Toby hid behind the tree
        She landed her balloon by Toby's bucket house.



                     1. Can you see Tilly and Sweetie Pie?
                     2. Do you know what colour Tilly's top is?               
                     3. Where did Toby hide when he saw the balloon?

 Toby and Tilly Go to the Circus

Tilly Teapot and Sweetie Pie's home
      Today Toby went to Tilly's Home.

      They were going to the Circus.

Toby and Tilly go to the Circus
They went there in Toby's landrover.

There was a fair in the circus ground.

Toby won balloons for Tilly and himself

Toby and Candy in the circus ring
              Later on they went into the Big Top.

              Toby and Candy were asked to join the show.
               Tilly clapped very loudly for Toby
1.    Do you know what a Big Top is?

2.   Do you know what  Tilly lives in?

3.   Can you remember what Tilly's dog is called?

The Horror of Mr. Bucket!!!

In the early 90s I was far too busy to watch after school cartoons. Okay...to be really honest....I just never saw this. Had I, would have been doubled over in fits of laughter for weeks...as I was in 2004 when I saw the commercial at the end of an unmarked video cassette from the period. My three year old son had no idea why I was laughing, he simply laughed along.

I was laughing because of the jingle. And YES I know I'm laughing at something that most 12 year olds laugh at. I can't help it. It's funny. I have no idea how this got on the air. Wasn't there some executive at Milton Bradley, or the ad agency that said..."shouldn't we re-word this"? I'm positive the 4 year olds the game was aimed at never caught what I caught.

 The jingle says;

I'm Mr. Bucket toss your balls in my top,
I'm Mr. Bucket out of my mouth they will pop

"the first to get their balls into Mr. Bucket wins.

But look out because the balls will pop out of his mouth!"

                                      I'm Mr. Bucket, a ball is what I'm about

        Hope you enjoy.

difference 1difference 2difference 3

When it's complete   
the real thing

                                                                  Say hello to Candy before you go

Candy Puppy

Toby Goes Fishing
Toby was having a lie in
It is Saturday, Toby is having a lie in,
but not for long.

Toby is going fishing today.
Toby gets out the station wagon

After breakfast Toby and Candy got the Land Rover out of the garage and drove down to the river.

Toby has caught a fish! It is pulling on the line.
Has Toby caught a fish?
Do you think it will be a big  fish?

 Oh wow can you see the fish jumping?
Goodness me it is a big fish children!

Tilly and Toby arrive at Sara's Mountain. TOBY BUCKET and TILLY TEAPOT
         Fly away for a PICNIC .

Loch Lomond
Toby got up early.
Tilly is flying them up to Scotland for a picnic in Loch Lomond.
They are flying there in Tilly's hot air balloon.

It is Tilly's friend, Sarah Salt's Birthday today.

They are taking her a special wee present. I wonder what it is?Loch Lomond so Beautiful

I think you might find it in the next box down.

Toby and Tilly are wondering if you would like to come to their picnic birthday tea party?
You would, fantastic, but it will mean you will have to come over to the next page down.
See you there in a few minutes then, :) :) bye bye for now

Loch LomondLoch Lomond
Sara Salt has a wonderful Birthday Picnic.

Sara was so excited, she could see the balloon in the  sky.
"Hello Sara" shouted Tilly. "You look like a
little flea from up here." she laughed.

"Who have you got with you?" Sara shouted back.
"This is Toby Bucket, he is my best friend from Wales."
Tilly and Toby start to lay the picnic table xx
The air balloon landed in an open space.
 Tilly made sure it was tied safely to a tree stump after she had turned off the burner.
Sara thought the air balloon was really lovely.

Toby began to fetch small baskets and then a large box out of the balloon's basket. Tilly began to lay the picnic out on the grass.
Just look at all the good things they had bought with them.
 The girls and Toby sat in the field and ate their picnic.

Soon it was all gone and it was time for them to leave, but not before Tilly and Toby went to get Sara's present out of the basket.
It was quite a big box.  Tilly had to open the door of the balloons basket to get it out. Sara wondered what could be inside it.   
Toby dragged the box onto the grass and pulled up a panel at one end. Sara's eyes grew wide in amazement as out trotted two little sheep.

Sara was so happy, now she had friends for her pet cows
Loch Lomond so Beautiful

We must say goodbye to Sara now children.

"Goodbye Sara."

"Goodbye Tilly."

"Goodbye Toby, I hope we see you all again soon."

"Goodbye Children where ever you are, goodbye. xxx

I would like to let you all know that from now on. All of the  pictures of Toby and Tilly's adventures will be drawn by your Aunt Sylvia.
Aunt Sylvia is Diddily's big sister and she loves children very, very much.... She told me to say, "When they are good."

"I told her that you are always good. xxx  Wink
Tilly and Toby fly to Wales in Tilly's Balloon

It was early in the morning and Toby Bucket was sat at the table having his breakfast.

Today was a special day. looking down the pass in LlanberisThey both went in Tilly's balloon.
Toby was going to school.
Toby and Tilly had been to Wales and they were going to
show the children some photos of the mountains.

They went in Tilly's balloon.
They met up with some of Tilly's friends in their balloons.
Beautiful picture of stream and bridge
When they arrived at Snowdon they took some pictures of the
mountains and rivers.

Can you see the picture of Wales?
Myfanwy, young Welsh girl

Can you tell Toby and Tilly what the yellow flowers are?

Yes you are right.
They are Daffodil's.  

Here is a picture of a littleWelsh girl wearing her
 Welsh costume.
                          Doesn't she look beautiful?
At the SchoolCan you see all the presents Toby took in for the School?
Here was the last picture Tilly showed the children. It was of a very old castle.
Denbigh Castle, Toby's first photo from the balloon
It is called Denbigh Castle.
This is Toby Bucket's first Photograph from
Tilly's balloon, he is very proud of it.
Diddily Dee Dot went to school in Denbigh.

phew time to go home now Toby and you TillyBye, Bye then children we are hoping to go to Ireland next month.
Maybe we will bring back a leprechaun as well as some photo's next time.


Toby and Tilly and all their friends will be back next year. Until then Diddily wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year. Don't forget all the lost and abandoned children over the holidays. Say a little prayer for them, it is quite surprising how all our prayers are heard, no matter where we are,
So until Diddily returns after the holidays, May your God take care of you and your family and all those around you.

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