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Diddily Dee Dot's Dreamland for Children Everywhere
Merry - Land
 Diddilydeedot's Dreamland is here for Children Everywhere

LadybugLadybug! Ladybug! - Nursery Rhyme

Ladybug!  Ladybug!Ladybug
Fly away home.
                 Your house is on fire.
                    And your children all gone.

LadybugAll except the one,Ladybug and that is little Ann,
For she crept under the frying pan.



I love our old frying pan very much;

It provides me with supper and brunch,

I eat quite a lot, and most of it hot,

Even when I'm having my lunch.


Of course, I can't make it myself, you know;

I need someone to stand by the ring,

I'm told it gets hot, and it burns quite a lot

When Daddy is doing our things.


I like Bacon and Eggs, add Fried Bread as well,

Fried Sausages, some Tomatoes! ( not keen. Frown)

But the food I love best -  yet I don't mind the rest!

Is Mushrooms with Beans, and MORE Beans.

                Diddily Dee Dot in Dreamland July 10th 2012.

Hi kids, all these yummy things are great to eat, but do remember that too many fatty meals are not really good for you, So make sure you eat your five a day as well.

Diddilydeedot's Dreamland is here for children everywhere

The King and the Blind Girl.roses scent the earth

 By a fountain in a garden there's a throne without a king and although roses scent the air there are no birds to sing.

For all the birds have flown away to search for hidden treasure. A blind girl wanders on the lawn, barefoot for her pleasure; 

She feels the daisies with her toes, the buttercups and marigolds,she hears the crystal fountains sing - ancient hymns and madrigals.

But silver tears softly fall from her curtained eyes and 'neath her crown of golden curls her lips release soft sighs.

"The birds, the birds," she speaks aloud, "the birds have stolen the King - the flowers mute, the roses deaf, the fountain only, sings..."

Against the empty throne she leans, pensive, full of woe til o'er her wilting head, unseen, there arcs a pale rainbow that fall before her feet debouching strands of entwined colour and streaming down the rainbow's length,

Scores of birds that chirp and tweet, their feathers all of tinted hues their beaks all full of glitter and from their throats spring forth true songs full of fairie glamour!

In a cloud of coloured wings, crimson, gold and silver, emerald and tourmaline and frosted mint of aquamarine they lift the gold-haired maid aloft and fly towards the river.

There, upon a swan-winged boat the king lays strangely sleeping and on the mossy, bullrushed banks small animals are weeping. The blind girl touched his care-lined face, she touchA Swaned his bearded lips, she lay her body next to his and gently kissed his fingertips.

Then seven rainbow-coloured swans swam before the King's death-boat and bore it through the evening skies - but to what cosmic bourne they swam, none can claim to be that wise!

Perhaps the birds might have a clue but they have also vanished. Where poetry and magic meet bare truth must sometimes languish.

Kings fountainBy a fountain in a garden there's a throne without a king and although roses scent the air there are no birds to sing for all the birds have flown away to search for hidden treasure.

Of Mystery there is no end, it has no root or measure.

              Willowdown Manila. 1997



think most of us know
hat a rainbow is, if not we shall find out later. But does anyone know where the "Rainbow Ends"

These are the coloures of the Rainbow, this is Red

Follow this site
Well if you listen to the scientists they will tell you that the rainbow that we see in the sky, is made by tiny particles of water trapped in the atmosphere, which, when the sunlight shines through them, creates the shape of a bow across the sky.


Merry Stories & Funny Pictures
diddilydeedotsdreamland .
The Story of the Inky Boys

 As he had often done before,
The woolly-headed Black-a-moor
One nice fine summer's day went out
To see the shops, and walk about;

And, as he found it hot, poor fellow,
He took with him his green umbrella
Then Edward, little noisy wag,
Ran out and laughed, and waved his flag,
And William came in jacket trim,
And brought his woollen hoop with him;
And Arthur, too, snatched up his toys
And joined the other naughty boys;
So one and all set up a roar,
And laughed and hooted more and more,
And kept on singing,--only think!--
"Ohl Blacky, you're as black as ink"

Tall Agrippa lived close by

Now tall Agrippa lived close by,--
So tall, he almost touched the sky;
He had a mighty inkstand, too,
In which a great goose feather grew;
He called out in an angry tone,
"Boys, leave the Black-a-moor alone!
For, if he tries with all his might,
He cannot change from black to white."
But ah! they did not mind a bit
What Great Agrippa said of it;
But went on laughing, as before,
And hooting at the Black-a-moor.

Then Great Agrippa foams with rage 

Then great Agrippa foams with rage:
Look at him on this very page!
He seizes Arthur, seizes Ned,
Takes William by his little head;
And they may scream, and kick, and call,
But into the ink he dips them all;
Into the inkstand, one, two, three,
Till they are black, as black can be;
Turn over now and you shall see.

See, there they are, and there they run!

See, there they are, and there they run!
The Black-a-moor enjoys the fun.
They have been made as black as crows,
Quite black all over, eyes and nose,
And legs, and arms, and heads, and toes.
And trousers, pinafores, and toys,--
The silly little inky boys!
Because they set up such a roar,
And teased the harmless Black-a-moor.



  Monty Mouse's Magic Shop

Monty is a little mouse, he lives in Fingles Wood
 He has so many different friends, and stores a lot of food.
Here is a lovely Twisted Mouth 

The Twist-Mouth Family
retold by
S. E. Schlosser

A while back there was a family I know of - a mother, a father, and several children. Four of them had mouths that were twisted into strange shapes. The mother's mouth twisted up while the father's mouth twisted down. The sister's mouth twisted left while the younger brother's mouth twisted right. The eldest son John's mouth was perfectly normal.

When John grew up, his parents sent him to college. He was the first person in his family to get a college education, and everyone was eager to hear what he had to say when he came home from his first vacation. Everyone sat up late talking. When it came time to go to bed, the Mother said: "Papa, I cannot find the candle snuffer. Will you blow out the candle in the sitting room?"

"Yes I will," said the Father. He blew as hard as he could. But his mouth was twisted down so that when he blew, the air tickled his chin.

"Well now, Mama, I think you should blow out the candle," said he.

"Yes I will," said she. She blew as hard as she could. But her mouth was twisted up so that when she blew, the air made her hair stand on end.

"You know, Mary," she said to her daughter, " I think perhaps you should blow out the candle."

"Yes I will," said Mary. She blew as hard as she could. But her mouth twisted to the left, so that when she blew all the air rushed over her cheek.

"Dick, I think tonight you should blow out the candle," said Mary to her younger brother.

"Yes I will," said Dick. He took a deep breath and blew as hard as he could. But his mouth was twisted to the right, so that when he blew all the air went into his right ear.

Then Dick said, "John, maybe you should blow out the candle."

"Yes I will," said John. He blew as hard as he could. And since his mouth was straight, the candle went right out.

They all cheered. Patting John on the shoulder, the father said to his two younger children: "Well now, I hope you both learned how important it is to get a college education."


The curly Pig and the crinkly Pug
They lived in a sty together,
They lay and snored with their heads on boards,
Through all the sunny weather.

But when the wind blew and the rain fell fast
And the sky was black as ink,
The curly pig gave his friend a dig:
"It's time for a walk, I think."

So they both put on their sou'wester hats
And rain coats spruce and snug,
And paw in paw they trotted along
The curly pig and the crinkly Pug.


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