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Sat, 29 Nov 2008
                 LITTLE TWO EYES,
                                 LITTLE THREE EYES.

        Once upon a time there was a one eyed woman who had three daughters. The eldest was called Little One Eye, because she only had one eye in the middle of her  forehead; the second was called Little Two Eyes, because she had two eyes like other people and the youngest was called Little Three Eyes because she ad three eyes, and her third eye was also in the middle of her forehead.
But because little two eyes did not look any different from other children, her sisters and mother would say to her.
 "You with your two eyes, are no better than common folk. You don't belong to this family."
They pushed her here, they threw her clothes there and let her eat only the little that they left over. They were so unkind to her, poor little girl.


One day Little Two Eyes had to go out into the fields to take care of her goat. She was so hungry  and sad, her sisters were making her life so unhappy. Unable to control her emotions any more Little Two Eyes sat down in the meadow and began to cry, She cried so much that two little brooks were running out of her eyes.
"Hello Little Two Eyes," a soft voice said. " Why are you crying?" Little Two Eyes looked up to where the voice came from and there standing right besides her was an old woman.
"I'm sorry," sniffled Little Two Eyes, "but haven't I reason to cry. Because I have two eyes like other people, my sisters and my mother hate me, they push me away from them, and they only give me the scraps to eat. I am so hungry all the time."
Then the wise woman smiled and said. "Little Two Eyes, you must dry your eyes and I will tell you how you will never be hungry again.
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