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Wed, 15 Jun 2011
What were Dinosaurs? A little question for a massive beast. I hope you enjoy the almost as old "Disney" shorts as well.Enjoy Diddily xxx

Dino invites
you to sing along with him and all your friends in the Burger Bar

What Were Dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs....first appeared on the Earth around 230 million years ago and they disappeared mysteriously about 65 million years ago. But for nearly 100 million years, various species of dinosaurruled over our planet.

     Dinosaurs were lizards. Some were huge, the biggest creatures ever to exist. The Diplodocus was 26 metres long, including a 15 metre tail. Another, the Brachiosaurus was the heaviest creature to walk the Earth. It weighed around 50 tonnes.

     The largest meat-eating animal ever to live on Earth was the Tyrannnosaurus, a name which means which means "Tyrant Lizard". It was 14 Metres long and weighed 7 tonnes. Pterosaur were the winged reptiles amongst many other different species.

     Changes in the Earth's climate  and the consequent change in the vegetation may, just may have been the reason why the dinosaurs started to disappear. But the facts remain that although they have almost all departed this planet, they reigned on Earth for far longer than human beings have yet existed.


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