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Thu, 21 Aug 2008
DOGS....... CATS......... MICE............. DOGS.......... CATS............ MICE......
" id="" colspan="1" lang="" valign=""> DOGS, CATS, AND MICE.

      In the old days, when dogs and cats and mice lived together in perfect harmony together, the dogs asked the cats to keep certain papers, they were documents of great importance and he needed them keeping safely till they came back for them.       
 The cats looked at the pile of old papers, and they thought, "Why should we be bothered with these scraps of old papers? Let us ask the mice to take care of this strange treasure;
it is just what they are fit for." So they did and the mice promised to keep an eye on the documents, so they should not get lost.
      Meanwhile winter came, and it was a hard winter too. The poor little mice suffered greatly from hunger and cold. There was no grain or food left for them. Being in despair, they began to nibble the old bits of documents. The paper didn't taste so bad after all. So they gnawed and nibbled and ate the best parts, and tore the bad ones into tiny shreds, till there was not o
ne whole piece left.
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