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Sun, 05 Apr 2009
Oh my goodness what will happen to Sits-by-the-door! would she die?


English children all know the story of Una and the Lion. Red Indian children have a story very similar to it. Here it is especially for you.

      Once upthis is another
little Indian child only she is standing not
sitting.on a time there was a beautiful girl, who belonged to the Blackfoot tribe, called Sits-by-the-door. She was her parents darling, and she had many friends. Her heart was filled with gratitude to the Great Spirit for the beauty of the Earth and the love of her fellow people.
      But one day the tribe moved camp. First went a party of warriors in single file, then came the women and children, and more wariors brought up the rear. Suddenly a party of Crow Indians sprng out in the middle of the line. They seized many of the women and the children, while there comrades shot down the first Blackfoot warriors who sprang to the rescue. They then made off swiftly with their captives, Sits-by-the-door was among them.
      It was a long, painful journey to the Crow camp along the Yellowstone river, and at every step the prisoners thought of the terrors that lay ahead of them. When they arrived some were killed, while others were made slaves.
      Sits-by-the-door was given to a very cruel man who ill used her terribly. Every night he tied her wrists and ankles together to make sure she couldn't escape. But his old wife was a good woman and she was good to the young girl whenever she got the chance. However the old man got fed up of Sits-by-the-door and told his wife that he was going to kill her when he returned from hunting.
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