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Sat, 06 Jun 2009
This is rather beautiful. "The Farmer's Round"

FIRST comes January,
     The sun lies very low:
I see in the farmer's yard
     The cattle feed on stro'.
Farmercattle! cow
Next is February,

     So early in the spring:
The farmer ploughs the fallows,
     The rooks their nest begins.

March it is the next month,
farmer brewing
     So cold and hard and drear:
Prepare we now for harvest,
     By brewing of strong beer.

God grant that we who labour
     May see the reaping come,
And drink and dance and welcome
     The Happy Harvest Home.
Farmer sowing
Next the month is April,
early in the morn  
The cherry farmer soweth
To right and left the corn

In May I go a-walking
Birds a singingTo hear the linnets sing,
The blackbird and the throstle
A-praising God the King.

smiling sunFull early in the morning
Awakes the summer sun,
The month of June arriving,
The cold and night are done

CuckooThe Cuckoo is a fine bird,
She whistles as she flies,
And as she whistles "Cuckoo"
The bluer grows the skies.
Posted 16:22

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