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Tue, 16 Jul 2013
The Drum, by Eugene Field
by the wonderful Eugene Field

I'm a beautiful, red, red drum,
And I train with the soldier boys,
As up the street we come,
Wonderful is our noise!
There's Tom, and Jim, and Phil,
And Dick, and Nat, and Fred,
While Widow Cutler's Bill
and I march on ahead,
With a r - r - rat - tat - tat
And a tum - titty - um -tum - tum ----
Oh, there's bushels of fun in that
For boys with a little red drum!

The Indians came last night,red drum
While the soldiers were in bed,
And they gobbled a Chinese kite
And off to the woods they fled!
The woods are the cherry trees
Down in the orchard lot,
And the soldiers are marching to seize
The booty the Indians got.
With a tum - titty - um -tum - tum ----
And r - r - rat - tat - tat,
When soldiers marching come,
Indians had better scat!
Posted 10:20

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