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Fri, 19 Sep 2008
Back to the Fabulous British Museums for terrific Dinosaur goodies.

Some of the oldest jokes around!

These jokes about dinosaurs are positively prehistoric.

Dinosaur Story

Imagine you could travel back in time millions of years to when dinosaurs were alive. What an amazing adventure you would have!

A head shot of a snarling T-rex model with
staring yellow eyes and lots of sharp teeth.

Left: what would you do if you bumped into this chap?
© Natural History Museum.

Maybe you would bump into a Tyrannosaurus Rex out hunting.
You might watch some dinosaur eggs hatching or see a dinosaur having a snooze in the sun.

Perhaps a baby dinosaur might try to sneak into your time machine when you travel home!A model of
an ankylosaur, a dinosaur with lots of hard spikes
on its back.

Right: Maybe you'd bump into an ankylosaur like this?
© Natural History Museum.

We'd love to read your stories about dinosaur adventures. You could use the story opening below to start your story off, or make up your own.

You could draw pictures to illustrate your story too.
class="alignleft">Can you think of any others?

Megan the
MegalosaurusMegan the Megalosaurus


What is a Triceratops' favourite musical instrument?
A horn

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