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Diddily Dee Dot's Dreamland for Children Everywhere
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Thu, 19 Mar 2009
Every man loves the tree that gives him shelter
Diddily Dee Dot's Home Page ONE
Welcome to Dreamland

Wonderful words from Grand-parents
this little tale is from Russia.

Every Man Loves the Tree
that gives Him Shelter

Great-Grandfather planted an acorn the day Grandfather was born, and Grandfather was forty two when Father was born, and ninety years and two days old when Vanya first saw the light. The first thing Vanya remembered of his Grandfather was seeing him sitting on a hot day in the shade of the fine broad oak at the end of the garden, sucking his old clay pipe, and crumbling a bit of bread for the birds, who no more feared the old boy than if he had been a branch of the tree itself. Often the pipe was empty, but still he sucked away; and after the bread was scattered his withered fingers kept on crumbling at nothing, while he sat nodding and smiling placidly at the sun on the grass beyond the thick green shelter. First Vanya would be left beside him in an old sugar box on wheels, which Grandfather pushed a little to and fro. Later, the child sat playing in the shade with the old man, the one as contented as the other.
      One day Vanya looked from the oak-shade to his mother pegging out washing in the sun, and he said, "I like my mother best of all things in the world."
"That's right," said Grandfather. Your mother's yer shelter, Vanya."
"What do you like best, grandad?"
"My tree," said Grandfather.
Father, passing with a barrow load of weeds, called out, "That's right , daddy! every man loves the tree that gives him shelter."
      Then Grandfather felt in his pocket and pulled out an acorn. "Plant that." he said to Vanya, "and when your mother's no more and you're an old dad like me, you'll not want for shelter till the earth is your roof."
I found this story in Eleanor Farjeon's Book. Stories, Verses and Plays.

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