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Sat, 16 Jan 2010
On Page 46 !Hello it has been a long time since we heard about Percy and his new friend Precious, They are starting out on a new adventure next week.


      Precious and Percy set off on their way to the outpost and hopefully some thing that will give them a direction home.
"That's a thought" said Precious, "Where do you live Percy?"
"Liverpool, have you heard of it?" Percy replied.
"You have to be joking my lovely," Precious said laughing . "Then you don't live that far away from me. Except of course that I live over the border."
"No way, you live in Wales! Percy spluttered.
"Now do I sound Welsh, there is more than one border to England, youA Green
Penguin, not Percy :) know."
"Not if you live in Liverpool it isn't, Wales is the closest. Scotland is miles away."
"Diw bach, as I said. Do I sound Welsh?... of course I'm bloomin Welsh, I was being sarcastic."
"Oh sorry, truly sorry," Percy said frowning. (In he head he thought that he could have taken on more than he imagined.)
 "Hm  m tricky one," he muttered under his breath and slipped, landing with a bump on the snow.
"What was that you said?" Precious said helping  him up.
"Nothing special I just said that, that could be a tricky one," he pointed to the mountain of snow ahead of them.
"We'll do it, just save your breath for walking, come on?"
Percy smiled "Bossy as well" he whispered and tagged on behind Precious.
Scientists Hut
        After what seemed like a hundred hours, it was only about four really, they saw a grey shape looming up in front of them. They were both very tired, even Precious had stopped giving orders and it was with great relief that they found the door unlocked and were soon sitting in the warm hut.
They found soup and mugs, some dried fish and meat. Plenty of water to make coffee, though there was no sugar or milk.
    The little holes in the top of the stove, made patterns on the ceiling as theAWalrus early night pulled in. The two creatures spent the rest of the evening talking about their respected homes and how strange it was that they lived so close together , yet it had taken a voyage across the world almost to bring them together.
     Percy  actually belonged to a little boy called Michael. How could he forget, he had been so excited when Michael told him he was going to take him with him on a trip to see the whales. It was going to be a most marvellous adventure.
"Well how on earth did you end up in the Antarctic?"
"Huh, tell me about it. One minute we where watching for whales over the starboard bow. Suddenly Michael's mother screams "there's one! there's one!"
Michael then screams, more in fright at his mother's scream. Up  jumps Michael, up goes me and I'm over the rail and dropping down into the water."

"Oh goodness me cariad!, what a fright, so what happened next?"
"You may well ask, for I don't think anyone else did. I fell and fell, hit the water and carried on falling. This is it I thought, gone forever. The liner was pulling away, I was back up on the surface bobbing away like Noddy's bell. Then you'll never guess what happened next?"
Along comes this dolphin, says his name is Donald. He had watched me fall when the whales appeared. He also noticed the lack of interest in the family, so he took it upon himself to rescue me, he carried me quite a way actually," Peter paused and looked up at the roof of the cabin.
"Gosh I'm so tired, we seemed to have walked an awful long way today." He lay down on the pallet and next minute he was being waken up by Precious asking him "did he want his eggs poached or boiled".
"Eggs! Where on earth did you find eggs, no, no, no, don't answer that. Gosh I might be eating my own kind." He frowned, " I'll have the same as you, thanks" he said getting up off the pallet only to find himself shivering like mad. He grabbed an old fur skin that was hanging behind the little stove and wrapped it around his body. Then stuffing his hands in his pouch he sat there hunched up like and old, well I'm not sure really, an old green penguin covered in scruffy fur I suppose.
Precious bought him his eggs, "no bread," she laughed. "Only a two star restaurant this my lovely." she laughed again. "Are you feeling warmer? "I hope so we really can't have you catching a cold, now can we?" She never seemed lost for things to do, which was good, for Peter truly was feeling a little under the weather.
"I have found a few old charts and after deciding that things couldn't have changed that much in the last few years, I think I have planned us a route to this small span of water." she wiped her nose with the back of her paw. "Sorry about the dribbles, always get them when it gets cold." she muttered wiping it again.
Peter chuckled but didn't say anything just shook his head and smiled.

   He suddenly started to laugh. What did Precious look like, all you could see was a pair of purple ears and feet the rest was draped in a bright yellow bit of tarpauline type stuff, that she had somehow cut a head hole and armholes out, she was wearing it as a poncho. "Oh dear Precious,, you do look strange." He laughed again.
"Huh," she tutted. "It's a  good job there isn't a mirror here,  you green rug rat, you don't look much like a prince either! Now, come on, so long as we are warm what the heck. Let's have a root around, I'll do the inside again, in case I missed anything. You can go outside and see what there is around the back of the hut."
"Aye, aye Captain!" Percy said reaching for another bit of skin, and wrapping it around his neck. "Off I go into the icy depths." he groaned, taking a last drink of his coffee. Then tying a piece of rope around his waist he opened the door of the hut and walked out into the morning sun.
       It wasn't that bad really, he was quite surprised at how warm the sun was and it wasn't long before he was feeling more like his old self.
A good search around all the sides of the hut brought some very good treasures. First there was a sledge, it wasn't brand new by any means and the rope needed renewing, which Percy did straight away by taking the rope from round his waist and attaching it to either side  of the sled. He thought he had found a few empty crates under a tarporlin,  but when he tried to move them, they were heavy. Calling Precious to help him, they managed to get one of them open and what a find. It was full of cans, and inside the cans was a variety of dried food, including milk, which pleased Precious very much.
    There was two other crates, one of them was full of flares. Too many to take them all, but Percy wrapped a few of them up in a piece of oiled cloth to keep them dry, also matches and some sort of fire lighter, these too were wrapped carefully in the oiled cloth. After an hour or so our adventurers had amounted a goodly pile of useful bits and pieces. Percy felt a bit like Scott, he frowned as he remembered Scott's ending and decided that maybe he was more like Robinson Crusoe and Precious was his girl Friday, but he didn't tell her incase she wanted to be Crusoe instead.
They attached one of the crates, which they had emptied, onto the sledge, then they filled it with all the good things they might need including the little billy can set they had used in the hut. They put all the stuff out of the crates inside the hut save it getting damp, for they also took the tarporlin as Precious said. "It will make a grand shelter, should they not find a natural one." They went back into the hut to get themselves a last cup of coffee, with milk. as well as a big chunk of corned beef from one of the cans, then when they had finished and refilled their mugs once more. It was time to go.
    How far do you think we will get before nightfall, Percy asked as Precious surveyed the chart, whilst he did the washing up and packed the mugs and plates in his bag.
Percy having no idea about chart and maps just sat there and listened as Precious routed the way to go. Outside it had begun to snow again though not very much, "I do hope it doesn't turn into a blizzard." Precious said putting the kettle back on the paraffin stove. "You did pack away that tiny stove didn't you Percy,"
"Yes, it's in the bag on the sledge well wrapped to stop it getting damp. What shall we do if the snow does thicken Precious?"
"Nothing we can do really, lovely! It is going to be hard enough finding our way in the daylight but we will never be able to do it in the dark or a blizzard." She poured the coffee into the spare cups. "We will just have to stay here for another night, at least we will be able to set off first thing in the morning.

       It didn't stop snowing for the rest of the day, but it didn't turn into a blizzard either so Precious and Percy decided to spend another night in the hut. Percy spent a short while searching through draws, that was until he found a pack of playing cards. They helped to pass the time a way, he was pleased Precious knew how to play cribbage, though Precious had to keep the score with a some charcoal from the old bin and some scraps  of paper.
Then as the stove went low and the darkness descended our two intrepid adventureres slept through the night till the morning.

Four and twenty Penguins all in a row

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