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Posted 18:40

Sun, 28 Jun 2009
Have you ever had Chocolate Spaghetti, and really loved it ?
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But today Dino's bar is taken over by Dido's cousin Chico.
Now you may all be wondering why is Chico here, and what for.
Has he got a new style burger? No!
Maybe he has a new Veggie Dish? No! 

Shall I tell you? ........
Okay he makes CHOCOLATE.  
And what he doesn't know about chocolate isn't worth knowing! See! I mean do you know that chocolate  comes from a bean.
Yea, a little bean that grows on a tree. To be precise A Cacao Tree. Cacao is a Spanish word that came from the Aztec people, who lived many, many, years ago. They called it CACAHUATL, then when the Spanish conquistadors such as Hernán Cortés and Bernal Díaz del Castillo.,  went into their country which was in the middle of what we now call Mexico, they took it and gave it to the world. It was still known as Cacao then, but somewhere along the way it became Cocoa . Dark Chocolate, is Cacao Flowervery bitter and many children hate it. I don't like it and I'm ancient, but Peter my husband he loves it, and the darker the better, yuck!. I do love the flower of the Cacao Tree, it is really lovely, take a look.....
Don't you think it looks a bit like an orchid, very beautiful.
I bet you didn't know either that there is NO chocolate at all in what the sweet makers call White Chocolate. It is white and it looks a bit like a chocolate bar but it isn't. So when mummy says "no Molly , you can't have any white chocolate." you can tell her that white chocolate isn't chocolate, hehehe
Smile. These are
the Cacao Pods
The same goes for the chocolate that people buy to decorate cakes, that is just chocolate coloured candy and nothing else, hehe., These on your right are the Cacao Pods, while these on the left are the actual cacao beans, but they take a long, long time to grow first on the tree, then as flowers, then as bean pods and now as the actual beans. You and I can't be Cacao Beansbothered with all them things. I'll let you go to "Wiki" to read about them, and we'll just go straight to the chocolate.
As we all know, by the way we are told if we eat to much chocolate we shall change into horrible little, or big goblins and this isn't just a special thing for children. My husband becomes very active and always ends up taking the dogs for a long walk. Hm m m, strange creatures men. 
Here is a very strange recipe for you, you can use, rice krispies, corn flakes,
and even spaghetti, but this has to be cooked first. eat them as a cake or eat them in small cake cases, but the spaghetti is better in a bowl
You need 12oz margarine. 2 tblsp of Castor Sugar. 2tblsp of cocoa. 2 drops of vanilla essence and 100 grams spaghetti, broken into pieces about six cm. long, "about mouth size."
Get mum or dad to help you with cooking the spaghetti. Pour a litre water into a large saucepan, when boiling pour in the strands of spaghetti, add a pinch of salt but it's not necessary. Boil until it is just cooked, no more or it will chocolate
pasta Linguinego all gooey and stick together, and we don't want that. Put in strainer and hold under the hot tap till the pieces separate. Mix all the other ingredients together in the empty pan and mix well, then pour in the strained spaghetti and stir until it is coated in the sticky chocolate spread. Allow to cool, then eat till you puke, lol.
When the Aztec had all the cacoa, they used it as we do money today.
My Uncle George was a foreman at one of the big Cadbury's Chocolate Factories, here in Wales in Bangor-isy -Coed, I remember as a little one having loads of it for Christmas and Easter. Huge slaps, with a flag in the middle, and he used to bring us "Edinburgh Rock" all different colours and a bit like chalk only more tasty. You can still buy it, but it is nothing like the one we had in the fifties, real scrummie. ( I think Diddily is very old, oh dear.)
One of the thing's I used to love doing was making a very strange mixture. My three boys used to love them.A collection of different coated apples..
Take one green eating apple, (cos they are the hardest) for each person. then you need a lge pkt of plain crisps, two of my lads used to have cheese and onion, and a good make, small bar of dark or milk chocolate. (not white)
Very carefully core the apple with corer, cut the apples in half, then with a spoon remove the flesh of the apple. DON'T BREAK THROUGH THE SKIN, you are refilling this after, do the same to other half of the apple. Now for the fun bit.
Chop the apple into a dish, crush the crisps in the packet till tiny bits. and then grate the chocolate bar into same bowl. Mix the three together, when fully mixed together, put the mix back into the apple skin half, put on a tray and put in the fridge till nice and cold. And all
you have left to do is eat it like you would an ordinary apple. Excellent and your getting heat from the chocolate; vitamin C from the apple and carbs from the crisps. Three of your five a day in one go.
Right that's enough about chocolate. I shall look for more recipes. xxx
Diddily dee dot, xxx

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