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Sat, 16 Jan 2010
The Spider and the Imp, brand new nursery rhyme written twenty minuits ago, by your Diddilydeedot in Dreamland.
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A Spider Imp


"Come into my home sire?" said the Spider to the Imp,
   I will make for you some candy, and a cooling drink of milk.
Look, I've blackberries hear for picking, and raspberries ruby red,
And I'll weave for you a gown of silk, to keep you warm in bed."

I would love to stay inside Ma-am, and I would love your candy sweet!
Your berries sound quite exciting, they would go right down a treat.
I would love a gown of gossamer, like the thread that's in your web,
But I fear that I must run my dear, or I think, I may be dead!!"

A brand new nursery rhyme for 2010 from Diddilydeedot©.
Posted 15:18

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