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Diddily Dee Dot's Dreamland for Children Everywhere
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Thu, 03 Feb 2011
MUTCHI, A wonderful story for the little ones from long ago.
Diddilydeedot's Dream Land


There was once a little boy named Mutchi who always wanted to do whatever he saw other people or even animals do.
     When he looked through the window and saw a rider on a horse, Mutchi cried, "I want to ride! I want to ride!"
     When he played in the garden and saw a bird flying from tree to tree he cried, "I want to fly! I want to fly!"
     And when he looked into the clear stream and saw the fishes swimming to and fro he clapped his little hands and cried, "I want to swim! I want to swim!"
     One day Mutchi was in the garden playing horses all alone. He cracked his whip and shouted, "Gallop, gallop, trot, trot, trot! Now I'm ready to ride."
  As he jumped up and down a white pony with a golden saddle on its back came trotting along the path.
     The pony came to the little boy's side, knelt down, and said, "Jump on, Mutchi."
   Mutchi sprang on the horses back and cried, "Hurrah! Now I can ride, Gallop, gallop, trot, trot, trot!"
     Outside in the lane stood Mutchi's sister.

"Where are you going, Mutchi? she asked.
     "Out into the world. Will you come too? There is plenty of room for you to sit behind me."
     "Then stay," laughed Mutchi, and he cracked his whip, and the pony galloped as fast as a pony could gallop.
     First they galloped through a wide, wide field, then over a steep, steep hill, then through a thick, deep wood.
     As they came out of the thick, deep wood thay saw a grean meadow where pretty flowers grew.
     The pony trotted across the green meadow and then along a sandy beach.
     Mutchi looked over the sandy beach ans saw the sea shining on the other side.
     The pony was getting tired now. He trotted slowly, and at last he said, "I can go no farther. You must jump down Mutchi."
     "No, no," said Mutchi. I want to go on and on and on."
     The pony kicked his hind legs up in the air, and bump! bump! down went Mutchi on the sand. He rolled over twice, and then went splash! splash! into the sea.

Mutchi by
Stella Mead A red-gold fish came swimming by. Mutchi sprang on its back, held on to a fin with his little hands, and laughed. "Now I can go on! Now I am swimming! Hurrah!"
     So they went on in the blue water and dived down to the bottom of the sea.
     And all the little fishes swam around them and cried with glee, "This is Mutchi. This is little Mutchi. He has come to swim with us in the sea!"
     At the bottom of the sea white shells were gleaming, and red sea stars were shining. But when Mutchi tried to look at them his eyes were filled with water, and he cried to the fish, "I want to go up again. Please take me up out of the water."
    The fish swam up, and just as Mutchi's head rose above the water a great bird came along.
     The great bird seized Mutchi in its beak, tossed him onto his back, and flew off with him.
     "Hurrah!" cried Mutchi. "Now I am flying! Now I am flying! What a fine fellow I am!"
   "Fly higher, fly higher." said Mutchi to the bird. "I want to see the sun. Take me up to the sun."
     "I cannot fly as far as that," said the bird. "If you want to get higher you must get into a cloud."
   "Good. I will get into a cloud," laughed Mutchi.
     He spread out his hands and sank into a white cloud that was floating by - a cloud that was soft, soft like feathers.
  Then the cloud grew grey, and then it grew black.
     All at once Mutchi felt tears on his face and neck.
     I think they are tears from my mother," he said sadly. "I think she is crying because I am not at home."
     "You are right," said the cloud. "They are your mother's tears."
    "Let me down!" he cried. "Let me down! I do not want to go to the sun. I want to go home to my mother."
     "Very well," said the cloud, and it began to sink.
    Lower, and lower.
    Bump! Bump! There was Mutchi, lying under the hazel bush in the garden.
      His mother saw him, and cried: "Oh, here is Mutchi back again. here he is safe and sound under the hazel bush!"
     And Mutchi's little sister clapped her hands and danced with joy.

What a lovely, little story, I don't know a lot about Stella Mead, and what I do have is in one of my old annuals from 1931. Maybe I shall find some more, I do hope so.
Posted 13:34

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