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Diddily Dee Dot's Dreamland for Children Everywhere
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Mon, 23 Jun 2008
Mickey Mouse in The Haunted House along with a visit to your own Haunted House.


The Haunted House

                 Have you ever seen a haunted house? No? Well, follow me and I will take you on a guided tour...
       Step carefully through the rusty gates, but be quiet as a mouse, you dont want to upset the residents.

        Open the front door very slowly - otherwise it will creak and squeak, then everyone will know we are here. The hallway is full of ghosts wafting backwards and forwards, and look... some are walking through the doors when they are closed!

           There are ghastly ghouls lurking on the stairs, and imps and sprites are having a pillow fight. Look out - you will get covered with feathers!
mixing potions to make spider and
slug pie. yuck!!!
           Push open the kitchen door and a wizard is making slug and spider pies. I don't think we will stay to sample those when they are ready to come out of the oven!
            Upstairs, skeletons are getting dressed and vampires are brushing their teeth. A suit of armour is about to get in the bath - and we won't stay until he goes rusty!

            So there you have it, an ordinary day in a haunted house -
would you like to move in ?

A beautiful little story , but I do not have an author.
Thankyou whoever you are.  Diddily Dee Dot. xxxx
Posted 18:48

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