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Sun, 08 Feb 2009

The Adventures of Reynard the Fox

Reynard is Summoned to Court

        Sir Tibert the Cat was sent by King Lion to summon Reynard the Fox to appear at court, there to answer for all his offences.
       When he arrived at Reynard's Castle the fox promised to return with him to the court. "But," said the fox, "you must remain for the night, and tomorrow we will travel together." Sir Tibert agreed to this. Then the fox began to lay a meal, but all he could provide was honey.
      "That is food I care nothing about," said the cat. "Have you not got a mouse? "
"Oh," replied Reynard, "come with me to the priest's barn; it is full of mice!"
So the two set out for the barn.
        There is the entrance," said the fox, pointing to the hole by which he had entered the night before and stolen a hen.
   Now what the cat didn't know was that  the priest had set a trap near the hole inside the barn, and when Sir Tibert crept in he was caught in the trap.
His mewing soon brought out the priest, who, supposing him to be Reynard, began striking out with a stick. Thereupon Sir Tibert seized the priest's leg with his teeth, and while the worthy man and his wife were attending to his wound Sir Tibert bit through the cord that held him and made off as fast as he could.

Reynard Tells of a Treasure.

      When at last Reynard the Fox was brought to the court so many witnesses appeared against him that he was found guilty and sentenced to death. He asked that he might make a confession of all his misdeeds, and in the course of this confession he said something that made the king listen very carefully.
        "My lord the king," he declared, "in Flanders there is a dense wood by a river and in it I have hidden a great treasure. I want you to get this treasure; then perhaps you will remember
your devoted servant Reynard."
        The animals who had accused the fox now began to feel very nervous, for King Lion, having learned exac6tly where the treasure was supposed to be hidden, forgave the fox and m
ade him a noble man.
      "Hear, all you knights and gentlemen," said the king. "Sir Reynard is now one of the chief officers of my court, and I do charge you upon pain of death, to show him the greatest reverence." Reynard now asked permission to make a pilgrimage to Rome, and he set out, accompanied by the hare and the ram.
         Soon the party arrived at Reynard's house, and the fox asked Bellin the Ram to kep guard outside while Kayward the Hare went into the house to see Reynard's meeting with his family. Once inside it was not long before the hare was killed and eaten. The fox came out
and gave a bag to the ram, asking him to take it to the king.
"Where is Kayward?" asked Bellin.
      "Oh he is talking with my aunt, and wants you to go on; he will overtake you."
The Ram carried the bag to the king. "Sire," he said, "this is a present from Sir Raynard, who rested at his castle."
"Open the bag!" said the king.
        The bag was opened , and out fell the head of poor Kayward the Hare.
"Alas!" said the king, "unhappy monarch that I am ever to have given credit to a sly and traitorous fox.
                                                               Reynard Escapes.

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