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Thu, 09 Sep 2010
A Fabulous Studio Ghibli Update
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The beginnings of Studio Ghibli films are beginning to create Nausica of the Valley of the Wind . The film was based on the manga of the same name from Miyazaki , who work on the film by Toshio Suzuki met members of the production team . Miyazaki gave the film studio Toei . After completion, the film scored a great success . Miyazaki decided to work on other movies , and independently on their own. Therefore, based , in June 1985, Studio Ghibli . Along with him based studio of his friend and collaborator of director Isao Takahata and Toshio Suzuki as a producer . These three gentlemen behind the establishment of Studio Ghibli and its current popularity and renown .
Movies from Ghibli became very popular in Japan and some of them are well known throughout the world . For licensing their films abroad Ghibli takes no policy adjustments in their films . This policy is the result of remaking the film Miyazaki Nausica that American society has created and edited it completely from other work . Ghibli Films from received many awards . For example, Anime Grand Prix award, his film, Castle in the Sky , My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki 's Delivery Service . In 2002 received the Miyazaki film Spirited Away Oscar for best animated achievement. In October 2001, based Gihibli own museum in Tokyo dedicated to just his music. The most famous film studios Ghilbi are caused by Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata , Ghibli released but under several other great films . Two films by Studio Ghibli even gave his son Goro Miyazaki Miyazaki . In Japan they are known to virtually all of Studio Ghibli films in the world and are especially well-known films Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away .

Studio Ghibli is a Japanese animation studio . A name derived from its name Sirocco ( Mediterranean wind ) , they used the Italians for their Saharan reconnaissance aircraft used during World War II . The idea that the studio breathes new wind into the Japanese animation industry. It should be noted that Hyao Miyazaki is a great admirer of aircraft , that is what probably led the recovery after the Italian names of the airplane . The logo for Studio Ghibli Totoro took the figure from the Miyazaki film My Neighbour Totoro .

Grave of the Fireflies
(火垂るの墓 Hotaru no Haka?)

To watch this film takes courage for you will not watch it without it leaving a pain in your heart and head. For this film has to be one of the most unbelievable War films ever, the two main characters Seita, a 14 yr old boy and his young sister Setsuko, bring to your screen something that is beyond belief especially as it is typical Studio Ghibli.

It is a 1988 film directed by Isao Takahata This is the first film produced by Shinchosha, who hired Studio Ghibli to do the animation production work. It is an adaptation of the semi-autobiographical novel of the same name by Akiyuki Nosaka, intended as a personal apology to the author's own sister. animated drama written and Roger Ebert considers it to be one of the most powerful anti-war films. Animation historian Ernest Rister compares the film to Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List and says, "it is the most profoundly human animated film  ever made."

My husband Peter bought this film for me a few years ago, I watched it through three times in succession, and why? Because I just couldn't believe what I was watching.  It touched every emotion I have. I cried, I called people names, cursed the countries involved and I am still left with much hatred of what human nature does to their fellow men.

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