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Thu, 27 Nov 2008
Hello I had to drop in today cos I'm off to Lerwick tomorrow to pick up Shadwell and Morrigan.
Toby Bucket

I do hope you have I have been away for quite a while, myself Tilly, and the two dogs well, we've had a good old time going here and there, and visiting this and that. Great fun. But now as you all know Christmas is not far away and we have all been wondering what we should do special for you all. Well not just all us, but, Diddily and Seligor had to help also.

Tilly and myself, we have been making most of the preparations between the pages, with having the balloon and the landrover, we were able to get in touch with most of your friends. Quite a few can't make the journey because they have to look after their own thing. Donna sends you all her love but she has three huge Christmas Parties planned. She will tell you all about them I'm sure. Dino has to stay to help for he is letting her use the bar for games and things. Sarah will be there but she is travelling her own  special way. Hmmm

Mallie-Ann  is hoping to make it, she is still not such if the Trow's and Brownies will keep their word and keep the Goblins away from the new batch of Peppermint Larks, being Scottish most of them like a wee dram and that doesn't go well with guarding the treasure and Gollie, Dalmy, Osito and the rest. We will have to keep our fingers crossed.

Of course there was no stopping Morrigan and Shadwell. The air balloon had only been on
the ground for three minutes, before Morrigan holding tight onto Shadwells green spikes that he called his hair. "We'll go, we'll go" said Shadwell, "Anything to get away from Lerwick for a few weeks, not saying it's the worse place to live - ( he was thinking back to the damn cat he'd left behind in Perth.)  The hair on his back still stood on end everytime he thought how close those claws cam to ripping his eyes out.

Peter and Precious, although they were still resting up in the hut down under with the penguins. Had been offered a lift up there by one of Santa's Helpers, they could go but onlu on condition that they returned to the south pole after Christmas. Of course they both agreed straight away better the Polar Bears than the stupid Penguins.

Jaimie was still up the Jungle and would be there till March, I think when the Monsoons were next due.So that ruled her out.
Her sister Jody was also ruled out because she was at sea, looking out for some rogue Pirates that had been causing a lot of trouble out in the Spanish Maine, she was hoping to be home for New Year though.

Molly was already up there, it had always been one of her little jobs to help Santa tune all the instruments that had been ordered by the Children for Christmas. Kayleigh was up there with her. It was her wish to help Mrs Clause with the children, whilst Prudence helped with the reindeer. only seven pulled Santa's sleigh but there were many many more reindeer for
Just look at
Sweetie Pie and Candy. I think they missed Toby and
all the other helpers. "It was easy when the world was small" Santa would say as he helped arrange the bells just so on the sleigh's. can't go driving shoddy sleighs now can we my little treasures." His little treasures as you might have guessed were all the wee fairies and elves that helped make all the special toys for the Children in Need. (Good old Terry Wogan. Ho! ho! ho!) he roars.

Goodness me will you have a look at the time, I will have to finish this letter tomorrow,
 bye for now. Toby xxx .
Posted 19:52

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