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Thu, 14 Aug 2008
around the UK in small stories., not one, nor three, but more xx
 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
retold by Cathy S. Mosley

In a time well past........when Camelot was young ....

King Arthur and his Queen, Guinevere, presided over a New Year's feast; a merry feast for the Knights of the Round Table and their ladies. Yet their King, being young and restless, would not eat until something marvellous happened - something astounding!! And if Arthur would not eat then none in the hall would touch their food, and so they kept themselves amused with jests and courtly conversation. Maon and the Willow

A Tale from Ireland

As retold by Fred Hageneder

Maon was the rightful heir to the throne of Ireland, which was usurped by his grand-uncle Covac. Covac had killed Maon's father and grandfather, the king, and tortured the boy, Maon, who, in consequence, lost his speech. In exile in Gaul (modern France), Maon grew up into a noble youth, and was in love with Moriath, the princess of Ulster. In order to bring him back to Ireland, she wrote a love song for him and had her father's harper, Craftiny, compose the music for it. Then she equipped the harper with rich gifts and sent him to Gaul where he played the love song to Maon.

GRANNIE, grannie, come tell us the story of the wee bannock.'
'Hout, childer, ye've heard it a hundred times afore. I needn't tell it over again.'
'Ah! but, grannie, it's such a fine one. You must tell it. Just once
'Well, well, if ye'll all promise to be good, I'll tell it ye again.'

the Wee Bannock

There lived an old man and an old woman at the side of a burn. They had two cows, five hens, and a cock, a cat and two kittens. The old man looked after the cows, and the old wife span on the distaff.

Wales has hundreds of different myths and legends many of them hundreds, even thousands of years old. A very famous one is the story of Cantre'r Gwaelod.

Cardigan Bay map The story was that there was land instead of sea in what is now called Cardigan Bay. This land was a country ruled by a king called Gwyddno Garanhir. It was a very pretty country and hundreds of people lived there. But the land was below sea level so the only way that they could keep the sea from flooding the country was with a huge stone wall. The person in charge of looking after the wall was the Prince Seithenin. His job was to make sure that there was always at least two watchmen in the towers on the wall and more at high tide or when there was a storm. The watchmen were there to watch for holes in the great sea wall. Somtimes holes would appear, but it was not a problem. All they had to do was ring a big bell in the main tower and people would come running up from the villages to repair them.

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