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Sun, 15 Nov 2009
how come Jelly fish are made of Jelly.? I read somewhere that they were able to walk on land and swim under the depths of the sea.....
 Ayliyahs Legends



        Long, long ago, instead of soft tentacles, he had a bunch of legs as graceful as a greyhound's, ans as for his figure the proudest pig in Ireland could not vie with him for firmly arched, well covered   ribs.
Naturally, he was the administration of all the other fish, for, besides being nimble and stately, he was the only deep sea thing that could walk on land as well as swim in the water. Unfortunately, he was like too many human beings, who simply rely on their good looks to make them popular, and do not trouble to develop their brains, therefore this handsome creature was exceedingly stupid.
        One day Jellyfish was strolling about the shore of a coral island, when a flying fish shot out of the waves, and told him that he was summoned to the palace of the Dragon King.
        As he approached the audience chamber he could hear by the clanking of golden scales that the Dragon King was pacing about in the greatest agitation, but his brow cleared as he caught sight of
" I thought you would never com
e ! " he cried. " And the Queen gets worse every hour ! Listen, the doctors say that she can be cured by swallowing the liver of a wild monkey. You are the only fish who can go ashore. You must swim, as you have never swum in your life, find the bit of land that has monkeys on it and then persuade the monkey to return with you. If you succeeed I  will make you Grand Warden of the Indian Ocean, with the right to a coronet of pearl shell and cowrie. "
        Jellyfish hardly stopped to bow; in a very little while he was wading out of the breakers on to a lovely island of palm trees and scarlet hibiscus. The first animal he saw was a small grey monkey with a friendly countenance. Jellyfish hailed him gladly :

      " Ho, you Master Monkey there ! I am sent by the Dragon King of all the seas; to ask that you come to the palace. "   
        The monkey's shrivelled face beamed with pleasure. Never had he dreamed of receiving a royal i
Monkeynvitation, and he was all to ready to accept this.
      For a little  while Jellyfish, with the monkey on his back, swam in silence, for he was short of breath, but soon he asked:
 " By the way, I hope you have got your liver with you ? "
 Now the monkey was not smart like Jellyfish, but he he kept his wits about him.
 "Erm, and why do you ask that ?" he inquired
 "Well, " said Jellyfish, "the Queen is really poorly and the doctors say she can only be saved by swallowing the liver of a live monkey. "
 At this the monkey exclaimed, "Oh dear me, what a thousand pities ! I left my hanging out to air at the top of the coconot palm. I think we had better hurry back and get it at once."
    "We must indeed, " said the Jellyfish. And back they went.
A s soon as they arrived back at the palm, the monkey was away to the top, and then he called down.
 "Go away, stupid ! I wont part with my liver for any Queen, in the sea or out. "
Then to clinch the arguement he threw nut at Jellyfish till he ran into the sea.
All his knees knocked together as he told the tale of his failure, and the Dragon King smoked with rage. When he had stammered out his last word the Dragon King roared to his servants:
 " Beat him ! Break him to within an inch of his life ! Break every bone in his body ! In fact beat him to a jelly !"
" And that's it, the end of the story.  And poor Jellyfish, ..... well, sad to say, he really did become a jelly-fish.

Posted 15:01

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