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Mon, 17 Aug 2009
Somewhere over the Rainbow my Kelly waits for me. Enjoy.



The Rainbow Bridge


The Rainbow Bridge is a place which is often referred to by people whose pets have died.
It is a small story that was written some time between 1980 and 1992, which has gained wide popularity amongst animal lovers who have lost a pet, especially in America.

Although no major religion specifically refers to such a place for pets, the belief shows similarities with the Bifröst Bridge of Norse Mythology.
The Bifrost Bridge (Also known as "The Rainbow Bridge") is the bridge that connects Asgard to Earth. It is how gods and other Asgardian creatures travel between the two worlds.
There are many other Myths and Legends about the Bifrost Bridge, but they bear no real comparison with the Childrens Rainbow Bridge for their Pets to travel to the other side.

This is the story I like best

Far away above the trees, where only the rainbow goes, there is a beautiful green meadow. But this is no ordinary meadow, this is a special place where all the creatures of the earth might cross to get to the Rainbow Bridge that leads them to heaven.

It is such a wonderful place that no matter how old ar ill it may have been this side of the meadow, as it crosses the meadow and then crosses the bridge, all is made whole again. Here is the place that the pet can wait until their owner is ready to come and join them once more.

When that day comes, the pet somehow knows that they are coming and they run back over the bridge and wait patiently until there owner arrives and they are reunited, never to be parted again.

I like to think that if the owner was a horrible person and mistreated the animal that , that owner wouldn't be allowed to cross the Bright Green Meadow, for I am sure there is no place over the Rainbow Bridge for the cruel and the unkind.

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