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Tue, 19 Aug 2008
The Beautiful Story of the Willow Pattern

     A beautiful Chinese girl named Koong-Shee fell in love with her father's secretary, Chang, who was poor.
But the father of Koong-Shee wanted her to marry a rich man, and because she wouldn't give up Chang her father sent her away to a little house at the end of the garden. Outside Koong-Shee's window was a willow tree, and just beyond that a fruit tree, and Koong-Shee sat all day watching the fruit tree bloom. She was very lovely and unhappy, until one day Chang asked her to flee with him.
   Chang dared not post the letter lest it should fall into the hands of Koong-Shee's father, but he found a coconut shell, dropped it into the lake, and watched it sail across.


Two pigeons, lover's flying high,
A Chinese vessel was sailing by,
Weeping Willow hanging o'er,
Bridge with lover's, father sore
Koong-Shee and Chang did fly,
To a small house not close by,
Happy lovers, ne'er a frown,
Little house was burn't to ground.
Ne'er no more were lover's seen,
Weeping Willows, sorrow, trees.
Empassioned love birds in the sky
Their love, true love, ne'er will die.
Posted 14:44

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