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Sat, 20 Mar 2010
Another story from the Princess Crnflower Diaries. Catch up with the whole story at diddilydeedotsdreamland

Here is Princess Cornflower with another story from her Diary

Ogre with
Tom HickathriftTom Hickathrift

Long,long ago there lived a poor workman who was very, very strong. He could do as much work in one day as another man could do in two.
His name was Tom Hickathrift, and he had an only son whose name was exactly the same as his fathers.
When the boy was ten years old he was five feet and a half high and two feet and a half broad; and he could eat... my could he eat as much as four grown up men , so they say.
His hand was like a small shoulder of mutton, and his foot was just as big, to say nothing of his heel. But neither he nor any one else knew just how strong the lad really was.

Unfortunately Tom's father died young and his mum worked hard to keep young Tom in food whilst he sat all day in the chimney corner, doing nothing at all. He wouldn't even talk, and people called him a fool and had no mother- wit.
 His mother slept on straw which soon grew very dirty. Then she would go to the farmer and beg a bundle of new straw.
Having such a lot to do she decided one day to ask Tom to go to the farmer for the bundle of new straw he had promised her;
"Of course I will go," said Tom, "but could you first go and borrow a cart rope."
His mother was that pleased that he was willing to go that she went straight to her neighbours for a cart rope. Then Tom wrapped it round his shoulders and went off to the farm.

When Tom arrived at the farm, the farmer told him he could help himself to as much straw as he could carry. So without more ado Tom did just that.
He lay the rope in a straight line and put a whole cart load of straw across it. The farm hands stood round watching, they began to laugh.
"You will never be able to carry so much straw, you'll end up breaking your back!"
But Tom took no notice and he tied the rope, flung the bundle across his shoulders, and walked off down the lane without fault or stagger back to his mother.
The farmer and his men stood by, speechless.

             Once his incredible strength became known, Tom's lazy days were over. No more could he sit in the chimney corner doing as little as possible, as everyone wanted to hire him for work. Tom soon found that work brought its own reward and he became very merry, taking delight in company, going to fairs and meetings and he had many adventures. Tom by now had also grown to the huge height of eight foot.

There was a certain man, a wealthy brewer who wanted a good strong man to carry his casks of cider to the town  which was twenty miles away, he hired Tom.
"I will come and work for you." said Tom, " If you will give me a new suit of clothes and as much as I can to eat and drink. The brewer agreed and that was it.
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