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Diddily Dee Dot's Dreamland for Children Everywhere
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Sun, 22 Feb 2009
Diddily presents a wonderful alphabet as written by the wonderful Edward Lear, to read it all go to diddilydeedotsdreamland
A. was an ant who seldom stood still
And who made a nice house in the side of a hill.   
a! Nice little Ant!

B. was a book with a binding of blue
And pictures and stories for me and for you.   
b! Nice
little Book.
C. was a cat, who ran after a rat
But his courage did fail when she seized on his tail.  
 c! Crafty old Cat!

D. was a duck with spots on his back
Who lived in the water and always said, quack!  
d! Dear little Duck!
E. was an elephant, stately and wise;
He had tusks and a trunk, and two queer little eyes!  
e!   O what funny small eyes!
F. was a fish, who caught in a net,
But he got out again, and is quiet alive yet.  
f! Lively young fish.
G. was a goat who was spotted with brown
When he did not lie still, he walked up and down. 
 g!  Good little Goat.
H. was a hat which was all on one side,
Its crown was too high and its brim was too wide.  
h! O! what a Hat!
I. was some ice so white and so nice
But which nobody tasted, and so it was wasted.  
i!  All that good Ice.
J. was a jack-daw who hopped up and down
In the principal street of a neighbouring town.
 j! all through the town!

K. was a kite which flew out of site
Above  houses so high quite into the sky.  
k!  Fly away, Kite
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