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Sun, 10 Aug 2008
The Proud Mermaid a lovely new story for diddilydeedotsdreamland. enjoy please.xx

Once upon a time there was a little mermaid who was very beautiful, but very proud and spoilt. She was her mother's only child, and so had always had her own way. Her mother never tired of sitting on the coral reef and combing out the little mermaid's red-gold hair; it was thick, and long, and curly - longer and curlier than any of her little friends. her skin was as white as ivory, and her lips like red coral. She new that all the other little mermaids admired and envied her wonderful hair, when they combed out their own locks of pale yellow, brown and black; but never the real red-gold of the little mermaid.
        She always expected to be first in the play, and to have the largest share of sea rock and lollipops, and she loved to tease the smaller sea-creatures and wee-merbabies. Everyone gave way to her except the huge Grandfather Crab who lived in a nearby cave. He was very old and very, very ugly; and too wise to be deceived by gold hair and blue eyes.
        He would watch her grimly, and shaking his head at her selfish flaunting ways, tell Grandmother Crab that she would come to no good. The little mermaid hated Mr Crab for not thinking her as perfect as everyone else did, and she used to make rude remarks about him in a very loud voice to all her friends.
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