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Sat, 21 Nov 2009
Here is a rhyme, a strange little rhyme, I hope you will read it today. love diddilydeedotsdreamland

          *Here is a rhyme  *  with NO reason*

          Fishes leaping                                                                                River weeping

            Eyes peeping                                                         Goblins creeping.

          Hours fleeting                                             Heart seeking

         Eyes weeping                                                      Goblins eating.

          Shadows breathing                                Princess dreaming

          Secret meeting                    Blood seeping.

          Trees creaking               Stars falling

          Flowers forming                      Early morning..

          Children shrieking                             Bull frogs leaping

          Fairies dancing                                       Goblins sleeping.

          Rain splashing                                                       River laughing

          Gods swimming                                          Fish flashing.

           River seeking                                    Heart leaping

          To journeys end                         Sheep bleating.

          Thunder speaking              Clocks one ticking

          Midnight weeping         Chicks cheeping.

          Princess yawning                                         Three is dawning

           Satyrs snoring                                        Suitors fawning.

          Artists drawing                                Old men boring

          Poets pawing                         Golden awning.


             Scales of the River glittering on a golden dish

          River captured in a silver goblet.

          Sheep in wolves clothing, just supposing

          Heart weeping, speaking the river still seeking

          Rrainbows end endless repeating.

          Old  man snoring and scratching his tum

          Young girl imprisoned in a big cities slum.

            Fishes leaping   River weeping

          Eyes peeping                   Goblins creeping


Posted 17:22

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Not the same
Hi just a wee note to tell you I have done my little rhyme no justice for the background on the website, under leftovers, looks wonderfully stunning So pop over to the website to have a real view. xxx diddilydeedotsdreamland

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