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Sat, 30 Aug 2008
Finn and the Enchanted Fawn, What a wonderful addition to your Irish Page, Wonderful. X
                             THE ENCHANTED FAWNthe Hill of Allen

Finn, that mighty captain of the Irish  chivalry in King Cormac's
reign, wept but twice in his life. Once was for the death of his
hound Brau.
One morning, long before that sorrowful day, Finn and his
comrades  and found a beautiful fawn. She sped swiftly before
them, not into the thickest parts of the woods, but  toward  Finn's
strongholld in the Hill of Allen.
Soon she had left everyone far behind except Finn and his two
hounds Brau and Skolawn. These at last overtook her, but instead
of pulling down their prey they began to lick the creature andFinn
play about her. Then the three  animals went quietly on toward
Finn's home, gambolling together like lambs.
Finn gave orders that all the other hounds should be held in leash
and no one was to harm the fawn, which entered the stronghold
and lay down in the hall
That night a beautiful woman stood among them suddenly.
"O Finn," she said, "my name is Saba! A Dark Druid by his
sorceries put the shape of a fawn upon me. For three years I have
lived wretchedly in the wood, for I could only get free of the

enchantment by entering your stronghold, and I feared to approach
it lest I should be struck down. I pray you give me shelter."

Posted 18:53

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