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Sun, 11 Jul 2010
This is a quick blog for I have been adding some more frames to the Asian Art Gallery's over at Dodies Dreamworld. But this is nice anyway.
Jaimie's Jungle-book

Lots of Foolish frogs

Hello,  It's been ages since anyone came to see me, here in Jaimies Jungle. Don't go away though, I've been searching for some really nice stories or rhymes for us..... and I have found a few in a 107 year old book. so they should be brand new for most of  you.
Now the first poem is called "The Foolish Frog " and was written by a gentleman called Stephen Southwold, but he changed his name quite a lot when he became famous, though he wrote this as Stephen Southwold when he was in his twenties.

Lots of Foolish frogs


A nimble, lithe and spruce young frog,
Who gambolled by the riverside
With many an eager hop and jump,
A slow old tortoise there espied.

Puffed out with pride, the vain young frog
Sneered at the slow one's crawling gait;
"It must be hard," he jeered,
"To be condemned to such a fate."

I don't suppose," he then went on,
"You know how fine it is to leap,
In fact," he mocked, "I half believe
You merely crawl along asleep.

"Yet, if you'd only try to learn,
It's simpler far than A B C.
Why, mother said she did not spend
A single moment teaching me."

"Now watch me!" said the foolish frog,
The tortoise tried to hide a smile.
The young frog leapt .  .  .  . too late he saw
The slyly waiting crocodile !...

Sly old Crocodile

TortoiseLots of Foolish frogs

"The next time it begins to rain... lie down on your belly,
nestle your chin into the grass, and get a frog's-eye
view of how raindrops fall... The sight of hundreds of
blades of grass bowing down and popping back up
like piano keys strikes me as one of the merriest sights
in the world."

Malcolm Margolin

Posted 17:56

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