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Wed, 20 Aug 2008


          In Burma there are two races of people. One race lives in villages and tills the ground; the other race lives among wild beasts in the jungle on the hills.
          One day a villager set out for the hills, where he found a beautiful hill woman, whom he led to his village and married. For a time they lived happily and had a little baby girl. But the baby died, and the villager began to neglect his wife.

        Coming home late one night he found his hut empty, and about it were the the marks of a tigress's feet. He knew what had happened. His wife had changed back into a tigress and gone back to the jungle.
         All the deep love for her returned, and he set out again for the hills, taking with him the clothes of the dead baby. He followed the tracks of the tigress until he came to a cave, and there he saw the eyes of the wild beast blazing in the darkness.

       He was not afraid. He put down the baby's clothes at the mouth of the cave, and the tigress leaped out upon him. But when she saw the clothes of her little
dead girl her heart was melted. Then instead of killing the villager she suddenly changed into a woman, and flung her arms about his neck. Together they went back joyfully to their empty hut.

Here you go, this is the first one. It isn't very long. The next one makes up for it.

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