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Fri, 12 Feb 2010
Oh Golly I will be glad when Valentine's Day is over. All these Cards, don't know what to do with them all. But a Big Thankyou to everyone. xxx

With Cadbury's selling out to Kraft, here are some:-

1.  The top selling chocolate bar for the last ten years is Kit Kat. In 1995, for instance, we ate over 13 billion of them. The  Mars Bar is a very close second.
The Fairtrade Foundation hails today’s (Monday, 7 December 2009 ,) announcement that Kit Kat is going Fairtrade as a breakthrough for cocoa farmers in Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), as well as for Kit Kat lovers in the UK and Ireland.
This is wonderful children for it means that some of  the people in Africa who work very hard among the cocoa beans  will at last be paid some pounds for their work instead of pennies .


Day is Coming

Heart Throbs

2.  In a survey of 1998 Britain were placed top of the chocolate eating league. Ireland were equal top, with the Swiss and Americans close behind. ( Diddily isn't a lover of chocolate to eat but she does like a chocolate drink before going to bed. )

Billy Bones
Novelty Box

Billy Bones' Novelty Sweet Box Hamper Indulge in a box full of novelty sweets.The Billy Bones' box offers very good value and is great for kids parties.Supplied in a luxury gift box so no wrapping required!

Best Sellers

  1. Billy Bones' Novelty Box
  2. Flying Saucers
  3. Pink Shrimps
  4. Cola Cubes Price: -->
  5. Black Jack Chews -->  
  6. Rhubarb and Custard
  7. Fruit Salad Chews
  8. Sherbet Fountain
  9. Anglo Bubbly
 Most of this information from:-         http://www.treasureislandsweets.co.uk/

3.The oldest chocolate bar still available is Fry's Chocolate cream. The grand  old lady of chocolate first appeared in the shops in 1866, yes children 1866, that is an awful long time in the chocolate charts. Seligor used to love the Fry's Fruit Cream, which were the same shape and style but istead of the plain whete cream , it was five different fruit sections, Can anyone remember what they were. I'm afraid Seli's mind isn't as quick as it used to be .

Fry's Chocolate

Frys Chocolate Cream - Classic dark chocolate bar with a white chocolate fondant centre.
We are partially fond of Fry's chocolate as it was made in Bristol back in 1866. Bristol being the home of our sweetshop!
And we are located not far from the original Fry's chocolate shop which opened in 1847.

4.  If you go down to the Natural History Museum in London you will find on display the oldest known cocoa bean. It is over 340 years old and was found glued to a page in a scrapbook of Sir Hans Sloane, a wealthy English doctor in the 1670's. It is possible but not proven that Sir Hans may have created the first recipe for milk chocolate, which later came into the hands of the Cadbury Brothers.

Barcelona Museum of Chocolate

The chocolate museum is one of the smaller museums in Barcelona. But none of the other museums will tickle your senses as much as this one. The smell of chocolate is all over the place, teasing your appetite, so the piece of chocolate that you receive at the entrance may not last for long. If you bring your children with you on your trip to Barcelona, this museum will probably become their favourite.

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