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Sun, 10 Jan 2010
Little Bo-Peep and Little Boy Blue, did you know they got married. A. A. MILNE did, and not a Pooh Bear in site.
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Little Bo-Peep
"What have you done with your sheep,
Little, Bo-Peep ?"
"What have you done with your sheep,
Bo-Peep ?"

"Little Boy Blue, what fun !
I've lost them every one !"

"Oh what a thing to have done,
Little Bo-Peep !

" What have you done with your sheep,
Little Boy Blue ?
What have you done with your sheep,
Boy Blue ?"

"Little Bo-Peep, my sheep
Went off, when I was asleep."

"I'm sorry about your sheep,
Little Boy Blue."

Little Lamb
"What are you going to do,
Little Bo-Peep ?
Little Lamb
Little LambWhat are you going to do,
Bo-Peep ?

"Little Boy Blue, you'll see
Little Lamb
They'll all come home to tea, "
"They wouldn't do that for me,
Little Bo-Peep."

Little Boy Blue"What are you going to do,
Little Boy Blue ?
What are going to do,
Boy Blue ?"

"Little Bo-Peep, I'll blow
My horn for an hour or so,"

" Isn't that rather slow,
Little Boy Blue ?

"Whom are you going to marry,
Little-Bo-Beep ?
Whom are you going to marry,
Bo-Peep ?"

"Little Boy Blue, Boy Blue,
I'd like to marry you."

"I think I should like it too,
Little Bo-Peep."

"Where are we going to live,Will you look
after  me
Little Boy Blue ?
Where are we going to live,
Boy Blue ?"

"Little Bo-Peep,Bo-Peep,
Up  in the hills with the sheep,"

"And you'll love your little Bo-Peep,
Little Boy Blue ? "

"I'll love you for ever, and ever,
Little Bo-Peep.
I'll love you for ever and ever,
Bo-Peep. "

"Little Boy Blue, my dear,
Keep near, keep very near."

"I shall be always here.
"Little Bo- Peep. "

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