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Sun, 11 May 2008
One for Sorrow ... I don't think so Somehow.
One For Sorrow . I don't think so xxx POOR JACKO Once upon a summer morning Master Jacko roamed around, And, when no one else was looking, Ventured on forbidden ground. Said young Jacko, full of mischief, "On Professor Jones I'll call; If he's out it doesn't matter, 'Twill not trouble me at all. 'I have heard that in his study, There are quaint and curious things.' Swiftly through the open window Naughty Master Jacko springs. Looks around with eyes of wonder, Peers at this and peers at that; Suddenly he sees a figure, And his heart goes pit-a-pat! 'If' quoth he, 'I'm not mistaken' (Awed and frightened were his tones), 'Here is what was once a monkey, Now a fearsome frame of bones.' (Grew his eyes quite melancholic, Gazing at the figure grim,) 'In the years to come I wonder, Shall I ever look like him? 'Truly 'tis a room of marvels. Would I care to stay? Oh, I have seen enough this morning; It is time for me to go.' Yet another revival of a poem written by Marian Isabel Hurrell
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