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Fri, 12 Sep 2008
From the Scilly Isles I bring you ~ Mona and the Forsaken Merman.


Mona was the prettiest girl in the Scilly Isles. One day she was standing on the rocks by the seashore, and the King of the Mermen saw her and fell madly in love with her. Catching hold of her foot, he dragged her down to his palace beneath the sea.
    He was an ugly old man, and Mona did not like him, and would not wed him. His son however was a kind and handsome young merman, and he also had fallen in love with  Mona, and she fell in love with him. This made the old king very angry, and he said to the prince:
     "It is time you were married. I have chosen the fairest mermaid in my kingdom for your wife, and the wedding will take place this afternoon. Make haste and dress for it."
    Then taking Mona into the kitchen, he said. "You, will have to prepare the wedding feast and if all the pies and tarts are not ready in one hour, I, shall cut your head off."
    There were only rows of empty pots in the kitchen, and Mona could find anything to cook. But when the wedding party entered the church the young Prince spoke.
    "I have forgotten the ring," he said. "I must run back and get it."
On reaching the palace he run straight to the kitchen and found Mona in tears.
"Let me help you," he said. "This is how mermen prepare dinners."
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