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Wed, 04 Jun 2008
Frances the Firefly Comes to Visit You

reproduced for the guidence for the children of the world
with the kind permission of

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue
Frances the Firefly
wanted to grow up quickly, but there were one or two things she had to learn first...

Deep in the middle of a forest far away was the Kingdom of the Insects. They were a friendly bunch who worked together to build a land where everyone had a purpose.
The spiders spun silky, silvery webs to decorate the land and fill it with splendour.
The ants, who were immensely strong, built houses. And the bees ran the honey factories making sure that everyone had enough delicious honey to eat.
The fireflies had a very special job. Because they could make their tails glow, they lit up the forest at night time, so that the other insects could see in the dark.  

Every evening, after the sun had sunk below the trees, they flew up into the sky with their tail torches glowing, and shone like rays of
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