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Mon, 09 Jun 2008
A lovely story for Monty to keep in his shop.
A Beautiful Oak
TreeLittle green
 Tommy and the Magic Tree

        Tommy rubbed his eyes and jumping out of bed he dashed over to the window. Slowly he pulled the curtain to one side, he gazed upon a huge Oak tree. Closing his eyes and then opened them again, yep it was still there. But it hadn't been there yesterday, of that he was sure. Hm if it had have been he would have climbed up it for sure, there was  nothing Tommy liked better than climbing huge, trees.
Slowly he got himself dressed, all the time glancing towards the window to check that the tree was still there. He really wanted to dash down the stairs and outside.... but no, he must take it slowly. He was going to need all of his strength to climb the tree which he intended to do straight after dinner.
He did however rush his breakfast a little, usually he would take ages to decide which cereal he would have but not this morning, this morning it was in with the "snap, crackle and pop" on with milk, and down the hatch.
He chose his shoes carefully , ones with good grips on the soles.

 "Hm the brown ones look best" he said picking them out and putting them on. "There that should do it."  Tommy was up and out in a flash.
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