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Tue, 30 Dec 2008
A Little Wish for the New Year 2009 from all in Seligor's Castle

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You will find a lot of adverts for Amazon throughout my web sites, if you want to go through to any of the links, just give them a click. Some will take you to my own customise lists that I have made especially for the pages I am working on, others are direct links, and if you want to come back you will have to click Back on browser.
There you go , my little shopping advice for the new year, my daughter bought me Pirates of the Caribbean three for Christmas, she got it reduced to £7.00 but if she had asked I could have ordered it myself for £4.36 and no postage or petrol. Since being stuck at home more now the weather is so bad and me, the wheelchairs and my darling husband Peter find it much easier to shop on line. I like Tesco for my shopping and they deliver all my stuff for the week, it cost us £4 for delivery but we live five miles from the nearest shops so it is brilliant. I also do all my banking , BT, Electric, all my bills in fact, even as small as £2.00 for the Orangutang in Burma. What a saving, I would recommend all pensioners to start shopping online. Why not start your own web site like I did, one where you can put pictures of all the grand kids, holidays, etc. and even watch video's on line of the kids like I did with my daughter in Spain a couple years ago, wonderful
Like all things you have to be careful you don't go overboard and sign up for everything you see. That is an easy mistake you can make, from 18 to 90 I think.
Ever thought of writing a story, then use the web, I use Zoomshare.com for my websites, there are very many abut and sometimes things go wrong.. ... ask poor Sare who has helped me out of bother dozens of times. It is such a thrill. If anyone had told me I would have four websites, a very large Spaces Live with Microsoft as well, I'd have said don't be daft. But here I am working on what was to become Dreamland for the little ones. Oh my what fun I have looking for pictures to accompany my stories and then to find a wonderful web site that has many wonderful things on it. I get so excited that I have been known to be up till 4 in the morning.Thank goodness for My Darling Peter Husband again. Gosh How I love him.
I must admit to playing Poker - Texas Hold-em on line also, this is my recreation. Friends I have hundreds, all over the world. from Tasmania to Transylvania, all of them wonderful. It is such a pleasure, though I wish more people would sign my guest books, Frown you get many hits butnot many messages, telling you how wonderful you are .Smile.  I had a lovely one the day before yesterday though , here in Dreamland it was really lovely. Made my Christmas, that and seeing two of my 19 grand children. H'm very busy children I have . There are pictures of most of them either scattered on the web pages or in the photo albums on my spaces and in the four sites.
Right that me finished for tonight, I am going into my bed now. Snuggle down with one of my two dogs, Abs, Penny sleeps upstairs with Peter. The cat sleeps where the heat is most and tonight it is very cold indeed in my Welsh Mountain Village of Pontybodkyn. Do pop in if ever your passing on your way to the West Coast through Corwen, I am normally at home.
Take care to Everyone and remember you can wish all and everyone a happy, prosperous and good New Year, but you are the only one that can make it happen.
Look after your health, especially in this dreadfully cold weather, Respect your friends and family as you would like them to respect you. And LOVE, that little four letter wo
rd. Try each day to share you love with someone, to help them and guide them along the road of life which oft these times need not only your love' but your understanding as well. Life for the young these days, seems much more complicated than my life when I was young. Try to have time for them, listen to them, I have found that very acceptable with all my youngsters. Don't knock their ideas back continually or they will stop having their own ideas and take on others, and their ideas just mightn't be as good as their own.
Gosh I am supposed to be in bed. My love and respect to all of the human race, and May the God you love and respect look after you and keep you safe from harm throughout the rest of your life.
Hugs and XXX's Seligor, Diddilydeedot and Dorothy, one for all and all are one.

"No parent should have to bury their Child" as spoken by Theoden King, from The Two Towers, in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.

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