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Sun, 12 Apr 2009

Thursday.little white mouse

        I'll tell you what!" said the Sandman - "Don't be afraid, and you shall see a little mouse!"   And he held out his hand, with the pretty little white animal in it, "She is come to invite you to a wedding; there are two little mice, here who intend, this very night, to enter into matrimony. They live under the floor of the dining room; theirs must be the prettiest house."
   "But how can I get through the little hole?" asked Hialmar.
  "Let me take care of that," he said. "I will make you very little!" and he touched Hialmar Hialmar as a tin soldierwith his magic wand, and he became smaller and smaller, till at last he was no larger than his fingers. "Now you can borrow the tin soldier's clothes; I think they will just fit you; and it looks so grand to wear a uniform when you are in company."
   "Ah, yes!" said Hialmar, and in another moment he was dressed like the handsomest little tin soldier.
   "Will you have the goodness to sit down on your mother's thimble?" said the mouse. "I shall feel honoured by drawing you along."
"What, will you really take so much trouble?" said Hialmar; and away they went to the mouse's wedding.
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