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Tue, 01 Apr 2008
The Princess Diaries 26th March 2008
Christine Hop
The Princess Cornflower Diaries.

March 26th 2008

It seems ages since I wrote anything in here, well a bit every day but nothing that would be exciting enough to share with anyone else. The day after Ann sprained her ankle we stayed up in the bedroom all day playing games, watching TV, a few DVD's and we even had a quick go on the playstation but Cathy came up and made us go to sleep.
This was the routine for the next week or more. Ann stayed the whole week Merle Hopthen Mrs Hop and Christina were going to have here over at thier place . Ann was all excited because her dad was going to be there as well and everyone one was hoping that Henry Carline and Merle Hop were going to become husband and wife soon. They had been seeing each other for ages.  Henry
Carline Blacksmith
Ann and her dad had moved to Peppercorn Green when Ann was very small.  that is why Cornflower and her were such good friends. But over the last twelve months the friendship between Heny and Merle Hop had grown into something more, with a lot of encouragement from Ann and Christina obviously.
Now that will be a special day to write in my diary.

Thursday March 27th 2008

Hi there, it's just gone 9pm and the rain has been coming down in buckets all day.  Mum and Dad went out and ordered some garden furniture for outside the patio doors leading into the palace kitchen. It had been so warm they thought it would be nice for Cathy to have a rest on. Personally I think  a rain barrel would have been a better idea. Ha, ha.
However something funny did happen today. The girls all decided to come round for the day and we got to talking about the Peppercorn Olympics last year and after a lot of persuasion and promising that we would tidy up the kitchen after us we made ourselves some hotdogs for our dinner followed by toffee apples.

                                              These are my best friends,

Ann CarlineCornflower
PeppercornJody CornelKayleigh
WillowherbHelledd CornellSarah Stonecrop

 Ann,             Cornflower,     Jody,             Kayleigh,       Heledd,       Sarah

Cathy helped us with the recipe and getting everything out of the cupboards that we needed. Then the fun began.

Oops here is Minnie with my hot chocolate. I will have to tell you what happened in the morning. xx Cornflower xx
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