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Wed, 22 Jul 2009
Chicken, Chain, Chair, Church. Thumb, Thin, Thought, Third
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Here is a small story I found whilst looking through my many childrens books. It's about the letters TH and the story they can tell

        Once upon a time there were two little boys. One was so tall and Thin that the boys called him Tom Thin, and the other little boy was so small that they called him Tom Thumb.
One day they put on their hats and went out together. As they went along, Tom Thin said, "I think I can hear thunder."
It was thunder, too, and down came the rain.
Just then a kind lady saw them, and she said: Come in, my boys
, you will get soaking wet.
They both said "Thank you, and went inside.
The lady said: I think I know you both, it is Tom Thin and Tom Thumb surely.
She was so kind, she phoned their mother to tell them where they where and then she gave them a really nice tea. The bread was cut thin, the butter was rather thick, and the jam was very thick indeed!
Soon after they had fisished their tea the thunder had gon and the boys said thanyyou very much to the lady and went off home.
I wonder how many words there are with TH in the story. You may want to count them and get mummy to check if you are right.

There is another sound very like TH  which we have to stick our tongues out a litle in order to make the TH sound and that is CH, this word though is more like a sneezing sound. Mother called the story ;
"What Charlie Saw,"
One day little Charlie and his mother went out for a walk. Charlie had a bit of a cold, so he wore a scarf on his chest.
His mother said she should call him Chilly Charlie.
As they went down the road, they saw a picture of Chin-chin China man. Then they saw a band with the queen's flag, and the boys in the stret sang:
Three cheere for the Red, White and Blue; and Cheer, Boys, Cheer!
When they arrived at the toy shop they saw lots of things in the window. The bought a box of chalks, a toy  chicken that ran along on a little wheel and a big wheel which made it go up and down And a toy watch on a chain just like daddies.
Then they went into the tea-shop and that was great fun for Charlie. After he had had some bread and butter, his mother let him have some cheese cakes and some chocolates, and they took a cherry cake home for Daddy.

Gosh look at the time already, it is almost 02.15 in the morning and Diddilydeedot is very tired, so like Charlie and Tom Thin and Tom Thumb, I think it is well past my bed time. I will see you all again tomorrow with a few more rhymes and special words, I know a good one,  SH,  that's a great sound and quiet one already.

Posted 18:15

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Oops forgot the pictures
Oops, sorry children I forgot to put the pictures in. I will do it tomorrow. Night night xxx diddilydeedot. xxx

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