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Sun, 28 Sep 2008
 How would Willie like to go to the land of  Thus and So?

Everything is proper there: All the children comb their hair
Smoother than the fur of cats or the nap of high silk hats;
Every face is clean and white as a lily washed in light;
Never vaguest soil or speck found on forehead, throat or neck;
Every little crumpled ear, in and out as pure and clear
As the cherry blossom's blow in the land of Thus and So.

 Little boys that never fall down the stairs or cry at all,
doing nothing to repent, watchful and obedient;
Never hungry or in haste,tidy shoestrings always laced:
Never button rudely torn from its fellows all unworn;
Knickerbockers always new, ribbon tied and collar too;
Little watches, worn like men, only always half past ten,
Just precisely right you know, for the land of Thus and So!

And the little babies there give no one the slightest care:
Nurse has not a thing to do but be happy and say Boo!
While mamma just nods, and knows nothing but to doze and doze;

Never litter round the grate; never lunch or dinner late;
Never any household din,peals without or rings within,
Baby coos or laughing calls, on the stairs or through the halls.
Just great hushes to and fro, pace the land of Thus and So.

Oh, the land of Thus and So! Isn't it delightful though?
"Yes" lisped Willie, answering me, somewhat slow, and doubtfully,
 "Must be awful nice, but I'd rather wait till by and by
'fore I go there,   maybe when I be dead, I'll go there then.
But    " the troubled little face, closer pressed in my embrace:
Let's don't never ever go, To the land of Thus and So!"

Posted 13:29

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