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Diddily Dee Dot's Dreamland for Children Everywhere
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Thu, 24 Sep 2009
The green nursery page especially for all the children out there. Diddilydeedot in Dreamland


 Some Little Rhymes Especially for YOU!

Barber,barber, shave a pig;
How many hairs will make a wig?
"Four and twenty, that's enough,"
Give the barber a pinch of snuff.

Bat, bat, come under my hat,
And I'll give you a slice of bacon;
And when I bake
I'll give you a cake,
If I am not mistaken.
Birch and green holly, boys,
Birch and green holly,
If you get beaten, boys,
Twill be your own folly.

Come when you're called,
Do what you're bid,
Shut the door after you,
Never be chid.
Robin the Bobbin, the big greedy Ben,
He ate more meat than four score men;
He ate a cow, he ate a calf,
He ate a butcher and a half;
He ate a church, he ate a steeple,
He ate the priest and all the people,
And yet he complained he was hungry!
As I was going to Charing Cross
I saw a man upon a black horse;
They told me it was King Charles the First;
Oh dear! my heart was ready to burst.
Bounce Buckram, velvet's dear;
Christmas comes but once a year
Sneeze on a Monday, sneeze for danger;
     Sneeze on a Tuesday, kiss a stranger;

Sneeze on Wednesday, sneeze for a letter;
     Sneeze on a Thursday, something better;
Sneeze on a Friday, sneeze for sorrow;
     Sneeze on a Saturday, see your sweetheart tomorrow.
What is the rhyme for porringer?
The King he had a daughter fair,
And gave the Prince of Orange her.

Cross patch,
Draw the latch,
Sit by the fire and spin;
Take a cup,
And drink it up,
Then call your neighbours in.
For every evil under the sun
There is a remedy or there is none.

If ther be one try and find it;
If there be none never mind it.
My little old man and I fell out;
I'll tell you what 'twas all about:
I hade money and he had none,
And that's the way the noise begun.

There was a little rabbit sprig
Which, being little, was not big;
He always walked upon his feet,
And never fasted when he eat.
When from a place he ran away
He never at that place did stay.

And when he ran, as I am told,
He ne'er stood still for young or old;

Though ne'er instructed by a cat,
He knew a mouse was not a rat.
One day, as I am certified,

He took a whim and fairly died;
And, as I'm told by men of sense
He never has been walking since.

Posted 15:51

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