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Sun, 01 Feb 2009
making the juice
      Chapter Three   

  Back At The Castle

  Cathy Fern had changed her pinny twice already so had Buttercup and Felicity; they hadn’t stopped since Tommy had come round singing his message. 
As soon as Barnaby had arrived back with the food it was non- stop cutting, peeling and crying. Kristine had volunteered to peel and chop the onions; she had stood at the table crying for over an hour, with Daniel bringing in cold flannels to put on her eyes.  
poor Kristine, her eyes were so sore
Buttercup must have squeezed a hundred oranges and lemons. Then she had to cut up all the peel and put it in the huge cauldron with the juice and sugar.“ If you had your black coat and a pointed hat on Buttercup.” Daniel said laughing, “ You could be mistaken for a witch.”
Buttercup smiled at Daniel and carried on stirring the pot to make sure all the sugar was dissolved. Then it was left to simmer for an hour, with Buttercup stirring it every twenty minutes.
Cathy also reckoned she looked like one of the witches in a fairy tale book but didn’t say anything.
Queen Pepper had arrived back with Barnaby and immediately vanished into the conservatory to make her candyfloss.
candy flossNot only was it rainbow coloured candyfloss made up of the seven colors of the rainbow; each colour had its own special flavor. The green was mint, the red tasted of wild strawberries, whilst the orange and lemon tasted just like oranges and lemons.
But it was the violet, blue and indigo that made people wonder if she had a magic spell. The indigo tasted of iced elderberry wine, the violet was like a succulent sherbet fountain and the blue, well you name your own favourite fruit and that's what it tasted of.
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