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Mon, 19 Apr 2010
Dinosaurs, and the Ice Age what more would a gal or guy want.
SmileHE WinkHE LaughingHELittle Foot


PterodactylTell me who has got the original "Land Before Time" ?
I have and I will always have it.
Only the first one had the beauty, the pain, the love and sadness in it, that has been destroyed in the later films and TV Series.

The first film was the story of five young and very different Dinosaurs, who had to work together, no matter what their colour or tribe, in order to reach the Great Rift Valley where their families went for safety. Along the way they met many bad and terrifying obstacles but together they manage to get to their destination.
By taking away all of the horrible things in life, a child or baby dinosaur, we lead them into thinking the world we live in is all sweetness and light. It isn't, they will all have to meet the darkness in life as they grow Triceratopsinto adulthood. We can protect them, yes, but do not wrap them in so much cotton wool that they won't find the strength to deal with all the paths they have to tread.
 Love Diddily Dee Dot. x
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