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Wed, 07 Jan 2009
 TOBY and TILLY go to the Mountains

It had been a very long Christmas.
Tilly and Toby decided that they would go away.

There was a lot of frost .  Toby wanted to see the snow.

The roads were too icy to drive.
Tilly suggested that they take her balloon.
Great Balloon
Festivalaybe take Candy and Sweetie Pie with them .

But Toby had got a surprise for Tilly.     Can you see what it is?

It is a poster advertising a grand balloon festival.
Toby had arranged a special balloon trip.

Which balloon do you think Toby has chosen for them?

Could it be the fish?

Could it be the duck or maybe even the heart?

They chose the Turtle. Wow can you see them, they have already taken off.
They can see snow on the ground already.

Soon they will be over the snow covered mountains

"Look! Tilly Look!" Shouted Toby!

There was a huge balloon over the mountains.

"Will we be going over there too Toby?"
Tilly shouted.

They had to shout for the wind was very sharp and they had muffs on there ears to keep them warm.

"Maybe Tilly, we will follow the others?"

"Gosh Toby!" laughed Tilly. "Look at that man, he must be very cold."

Just then the balloon started to descend.

Then they were meeting up with all the other balloonist for lunch in a mountain log cabin.

The weather changes very quick in the mountains, and before  they had finished eating  a message on the loud speaker told them that all flying was cancelled, a blizzard was due very soon.

Alas Toby and Tilly could not stay and when the blizzard blew over they had to take the chair lift down to the bottom . 

It wasn't long before they were back to the village, with the Mountains behind them.

Tomorrow they would head back home to Sweetie Pie and Candy.
Tilly and Toby are taking to the ice for a skate before they go in for the night .

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