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Wed, 28 May 2008
A New Web Page for Dreamland
There are so many new things on diddilydeedotsdreamland today that I have forgotten where I have put them all.We have a new page 19 which is called "The Story Teller" and here I am hoping to put stories and their connections to other authors.There is a couple of new rhymes in Jody's Jewelery Box and I think maybe at Old Favourites. Anyway here is a little bit of the story on Story Teller for you. enjoy and take care Diddily.Chapter 3

"Oh dear me," said the Bollywog. "I am so very, very  hungry. I feel as if I have not eaten for pretty nigh on a hundred years. Surely I can find something to quieten the rumbling in my stomach."

A Bloody BoneHe walked and walked until he eventually met a Bloody-Bone.
"Feed me!" Demanded the Bollywog.
The Bloody-Bone was not frightened. For indeed he was a more frightful creature than the Bollywog. "Indeed I am a most fortunate monster," said the Bloody-Bone to himself. "I shall convince this poor creature to return with me to my cave and there I shall eat him for supper."
"Feed me!" Demanded the Bollywog.
"I have no food with me," replied the Bloody-Bone. "However, if you will walk with me to my cave I will be glad to prepare a meal for you there."
"We must hurry," insisted the Bollywog. "I am very, very hungry."
"Indeed!" Smiled the Bloody-Bone. "I am hungry as well."
Soon. Very soon. The two monsters reached the cave. "Where is the food," asked the Bollywog.
"Silly you," answered the Bloody-Bone, "to believe the words of a Monster. I have no food. I only invited you here into my home that I might eat you. Indeed, I am a very frightful monster."
"Have I told you," replied the Bollywog with a wry smile, "that I am very, very hungry. I feel as if I haven't eaten for pretty nigh on a hundred years."
The Bloody-Bone was frightened. "Oh dear, dear me," said he, as the Bollywog gobbled him entirely up.
"Feed me!" Demanded the Bollywog. Not surprisingly the cave was all empty.

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