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Thu, 16 Jul 2009
Tongue Twisters, Knock, Knock, Peter Piper lives in diddilydeedot's dreamland hehe
What did the monster have to eat in the restaurant?

*The Finger Bowl!
Knock, knock, who's there?
Herman who?
Herman Munster!

 How do you keep an ugly monster in suspense?


I'll tell you tomorrow

 What happens if a big hairy monster sits in front of you at the cinema?

You miss most of the film!

 How can you tell the difference between a rabbit and a red-eyed monster?

* * *
Just try getting a red-eyed monster into a rabbit hutch!

 Little Monster: Mum, Mum What's for tea?

Mother Monster: Shut up son and get back in the Microwave!

I heard a riddle yesterday,
I have remembered it for you;
What's never out of fashion? Say!
The letter F, for this is true!

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What sweet is sour - at least by name?
(But I enjoy it all the same)
I buy it at the village shop.
What is this sweet?
Why, an acid drop

I'll tell you a story of Jackanory,
and now my story's begun;
I'll tell you another of Jack his brother,
And now my story's done.

 should be said quickly

Happily Hurricanes Hardly   Happen

Busy Bumble Bees Buzz Buzzily Backwards

Ten Tip Tap Toes Tapped
Ten Tip Top Tunes
  Tongue Twisters
          should be saidquickly

Four Flimsy Flip-Flops Flipped Floppily

Five French Flies Flew
Frightenly Forward

weary weevils walked wearily westward
Tongue Twisters
should be said quickly

Six Sheiks Sheep
Six Sheiks Sheep
Six Sheiks Sheep

Big Brown Berries
Bending Backwards
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