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Thu, 30 Oct 2008
The Witches are coming to get me. The Witches are coming to get me.
A very old "True Story from India."

had been a somewhat violent outbreak of cholera in the little hill station of Nilpore in North Western India, which had taxed the energies of the medical officer to the utmost.
     However, his skill and energy ad not been in vain, and he had at last the satisfaction of seeing the epidemic abated and the temporary hospital cleared of it's late inmates, who had returned cured to their homes. This very afternoon the surgeon major was on his way to order the building to be closed, the blankets  washed, and right thankful he was that everyone was over the illness and gone back to their homes.
      At the door of the hospital he was met by the big native orderly, who gravely  stood to attention, waiting for the medical officer to address him.
     "All cleared out Mahammed?  The doctor said. "I will just go round and then you can order in the cleaners for me and have it all tidied up ready for the next time we need it."
"It shall be done, Doctor," said Mahammed; "but there is still the child Ali, what must be done with him? "He said shaking his head. "I doubt if he will last out the night."
     "Ali! Why, the little fellow was all but well yesterday, I never thought to find him still here," said the doctor in astonishment. "I must go and have a look at him."
He strode quickly into the great ward, once full of patients and now deserted , except that at the very end, on a simple string bed, lay a little dark haired boy of some ten years of age, with big, brown, staring eyes and his black hair matted and falling over his forhead. He took no notice of the doctor approaching but lay wearily with his face half hidden under the blanket.
    "Well, little man!" said the doctor in his cheeriest voice, "and how is it you are still here? Don't you feel well? Surely you want to go home?"
     "I shall never be well, I shall never go home," the young one said sadly, "the witches have come for me,
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